Friday, October 31, 2014

The ‘Fallacy’ behind the ‘High Level Preaching!’

It was Sunday mid morning hrs…. The three friends were together at the man’s Residence….

“If I look back at the Properties and Financial Assets I made so far, the quantum seems to be enormous…. I wonder a few times, can I really make at least 25% use of these in my life? It appears never in the way our life goes on…. We generally never spend in our active days on ourselves any decent amount and thus enjoy our life…. Instead, I am finding that I always give reasons saying…. ‘This is a waste, that is a waste, there is no use of this, no use of that….' What all not? Then what is the ultimate use of all these items and wealth around me? There is sure a day with us when we have to go from this world without taking one single item or a single Rupee with us….

You may say…. What we leave here will be used by our children, but here too I see a limit to that…. Actually, they don't need so much of all these…. In my case, a 50% of what I have now is a sumptuous amount for them as they are already well placed in their life…. So I decided on one Plan for this life….

Roughly about 25% of all of my finances, I start spending on myself in a liberal way and about 25% would in a matter of time, be given away in various Charities thru' systematic planning….

For this, I already thought of one meticulous Plan…. Since these amounts are any how required for living too and equally to meet certain exigencies, The right way here would be….

5% will be donated to certain Charitable Institutions when I turn 60….

Another 5% when I touch 65…

10% lump sum will be spent for a Great Cause around 70 yrs of my age….

A 5% amount will spent at the age of 75 yrs to have the ultimate mental satisfaction….

Any how the left out 50%, which is still a sizable amount will go to my children as inheritance….

And I very much firmed up on this Plan; that’s all…. Here after, there is no point in going after these wealths endlessly….

Oh! It’s already 12 o'clock…. Let’s have our Lunch now…. Sorry, I didn’t make any elaborate preparations for today’s lunch…. A simple meal…. You will wonder…. Consuming simple food is healthy and quite nourishing and well fits our pockets too…. Why unnecessarily feed this body with so many dishes? OK! Let’s finish it quickly and take rest for a while!”

The door bell rang, the man immediately got up and went out to attend to the call and subsequently his voice was heard talking a bit louder…. 

“What man! Your due as I calculated comes to Rs 156 only…. I don't understand how you claim Rs 180 here? Yeah! I understand it now…. You added up the costs of that day too when Your service was not there…. But I ask you…. Why should we pay for that? Further I tell you, it’s not only for the days I have to deduct when there was no Service, but proportionately on the other days too as per the Quality of Service which was below the acceptable level…….”

“Hello…. Hi! Who are you and what are you doing here? We are not here to just to distribute monies whenever you ask…. Why can't you people find some job and earn your livelihood instead of simply stretching out hands whenever you see a better man? When do you people learn……….?”

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