Friday, October 3, 2014

The Importance of 'FEEDBACKs' at Work....

"I do not believe in all the so called ‘Feedbacks’ at Work…. What is the ultimate use of all these? It is like I scratch your back and you do mine…. Here, the gist of a serious Feedback is truly missing…. The Giver is never serious of what he is talking of…. The Taker is equally greedy of taking the best even though he is not up to the level…. In the Process, are we not cheating ourselves and the Society at large by being dishonest in a discrete way which none can question or point out? I really feel sorry for the state of affairs around us in this Scenario!”

“I agree, my dear! The Written tests, Group Discussions and Interviews will identify the Right Person for the Job…. But they mainly concentrate on the IQ and Social Interaction Capabilities of a person and thus are ideal only for Beginners in the field…. For the Experienced Persons, this Evaluation has no meaning beyond and sometimes may be defective too…. I don't mean to say here that the Original IQ and Learnings will be of no use but they surely reduce in sharpness with time and simultaneously their requirement too comes down as other Qualities at Work start Playing a Vital Role…. For the Experienced Personalities the Golden Rule is ‘Believe and Proceed but Cross Check!” Believe and Proceed are based on the Rational Entities that are on Record at the back of authentication but when we come to evaluating the Personality at Work, that should always be done based on the opinions of people who actively interacted with the Person in question till that point of time…. And there is no go here….

No doubt many Assessments may be sided but not all…. And, a general talk can not go wrong and that alone speaks truly of the Personality…. Here reading between lines is very important….

Look dear! If I ask any one how a person is, the answer may be like…. 'Oh! You are taking him?  You are really lucky…. The best man at work!  I could not retain him!' OR

'OK! He is good…. No problem…. You can take him! He will deliver!' OR

'Do you want to have him on your Job? OK!…. Don't worry…. He will do it!'

Here, even though the talk may appear praising the man, when assessed carefully reveals indirectly the Personality..... The first man in question being the Best, the second Average and the last almost an Unfit Personality for the Job being proposed….

Here alone the Interviewer selecting the man should be vigilant…. The content of the Talk may be false but the Spirit of talk cannot hide the Truth…. Be attentive here and soon a few Assessments truly reveal the Truth… The person is what I am thinking of or not!”

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