Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Something.... 'Worthy of Listening!'

The Great Man was told he was freed because of no fault of Him and out of consideration and respect for His honest living…. "What is the use? The very Problem for which I am protesting remains as is…. I am not happy with this freedom given to me…. Rather, I would very much like to be constrained for the Cause!" He said! Truly, an Example of self Denial…..

On another occasion, He came to know that the Roommate of Him was active with his unethical activities in his absence…. On a tipoff, one day He straight away went to the Room, caught the Roommate red handed and said, “This moment, leave my Room and go…. Else I am going to the concerned Authorities for necessary action!” When the friend threatened to malign His name if He did that, the Great Man said very firmly…"Do what you want…. I don’t intervene…. But you can never be with me doing these unethical activities!" Sure an Exemplary Act of self Cleansing…..

On a third occasion, when He came to know that one of His associates was planning to end Him, one day late night the Great Personality went to his house with a dagger and said, “I came know that you wanted to end me as you did not like my activities…. I don't want this to continue…. Here, I am in front of you, this is the weapon with me and you can end me this moment…. I never informed any one on this and no one knows that I came here!” Finally, The Ultimate Act of self Sacrifice….

The Great Personalities forever are Great and Worthy of Worship as They constantly aimed Themselves going up the Ladder of self Denial, self Cleansing and reach the Ultimate Stage of self Sacrifice where no Fear and Pain strike Them even a bit.... And the very Great Men of the Earth expected me too to do something well feasible by me at my own level in this direction of questioning the ‘self’ instead of forever running after the so called ‘self gratification’ alone all the time thus never caring for a True Improvement of my own 'Personality' in this life!

Isn't it worth listening?

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