Thursday, December 18, 2014

Busy at Work? Don't worry, It is definitely time to Relax and Laugh heartily!

  • The Boss will never praise me even for a moment and if he / she is just quiet for the moment, that itself is the biggest praise of my life.... And if he / she is really nice with me, there is another meaning to it.... He / she is sure looking out for my replacement! 
  • The Boss appears that he / she is cornering me.... But he / she is helpless because he / she is being doubly cornered from the Top! 
  • The Boss' scoldings are two way blessings for me.... I need not take many scoldings from others for the rest of the life except the routine ones and forever I develop a capability of smiling in times of the worst attacks of life! 
  • My Boss can max scold me that too only sometimes in front of others.... I should ever feel happy that I am untouched and unharmed as no physical damage is done to me!
  • Whenever I am singled out at Work by my Boss, I should smile heartfelt within because my Job is just intact 'AS IS!'
  • The Boss is always in Office before me and it will never happen the other way so easily.... I should not feel unhappy for such an earlier presence because the other way, I have to play his / her Role too in addition to my own!
  • The Boss is never happy with my leaving office any time in between on personal works.... I am not supposed to do all my personal works by myself alone! 
  • I may decide to work for full 24 hrs in a day, but the next moment, the Boss demands 25 hrs of work from me and in the end gets 26 hrs of Work from me for the day without an exception! 
  • When the Boss puts my Colleague along with me in my Work, he /she is not kind enough to help me at my Work.... He / she is just training my Colleague for the ultimate Takeover of the Reins from me! 
  • And finally to say.... The worst Comment at Work from Boss is.... “OK, leave it; call so and so….”  And the best Comment... “Still you have to improve a lot!” 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes the Write up.... Out of my 38 yrs of Work Experience.... Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. From me - Its Such a nice post Sir.... but guess what .
    . "still ,you have to improve a lot" (BOSS) :)