Saturday, January 10, 2015


It was Sunday afternoon, the Weekend Holiday … 

“The day is quite cool.... Beautiful clouds, gentle breeze and right temperatures.... Let’s quickly finish our essential works, go out and spend long hrs of the day at few Places in the City.... Once in a way, it's very much required to get off from this routine and the boring surroundings and go out of our peripheries....” thought the family....

Accordingly, they were out dot 3 PM and moved towards the city 20 km away from their home…. A travel of half distance was quite pleasant and faster, but beyond that the road became busy with too many vehicles and people followed by dust, exhaust smoke and continuous honking…. And in no time the same reached unbearable levels….

“Up the windows with the AC on!”

“My dear! Most of this travel is up the slope…. Better we don’t switch on AC now!”

A quarter exhausted, the family was soon at their favorite Restaurant…. But to their dismay, they found the same fully occupied with equal numbers waiting in the queue….

“Let's go to that Hotel at the end of the Street!”

The crowd was OK but after tasting a few delicacies there, the unanimous second thoughts were, “We should have brought some food from home itself in the car!”

Half exhausted, they moved towards the nearest Shopping Mall…. Car park was on a big drain in the compound of the Mall which was covered by stones with gaps seen in between…. Foul smell was coming out of the drain and it was impossible to wait there even for a minute….

“It appears, there is a huge sewerage block here…. Hope tomorrow it may be cleared!” some one was saying….

“Let's get away from these places.... The Park two streets away  would be ideal!”

It was a small lengthy Park with busy roads on both sides full of people and hardly any space was found to move in a relaxed way…. Added to that, the noise of the vehicles on both sides was sickening….

“Let’s have some Tea in Refresh Centre and get back home!” was the final decision having got exhausted to the tune of three quarters....

But to the dismay of all, the Shop was found closed with a board in front saying....'Today Half Day!'

Having got fully exhausted by then, the family was in total return mode with every one keeping perfect silence.... The car was out of the City limits in a short while and soon was into the suburbs zooming towards their Home….

“We are tired beyond.... At least, let's have some tea and snacks at our usual Restaurant before going home….”

Having parked the car in the huge Parking Area of the Restaurant, as the family was moving into the Restaurant a friend with his family was seen coming out….

All members soon greeted one another and after a while, the man asked, “Were you on a job here? You came all the way from your home in the middle of the city….”

The friend smiled and said, “No! We just wanted to get away from our routine and surroundings…. We thought of the big Park in your area.... Really, we had a very good time there…. Such a Great Park so close to you.... Then we had some food in the Restaurant adjacent to the Park…. Very tasty food with so much leg space…. And plenty of Parking space.... Fresh air everywhere with no noise pollution…. We thought of dropping at your place but then we felt that you too would need the weekend to relax and get refreshed…. After all once in a week, we get this chance, is it not? And we just wanted to have some tea in this Place before heading Homewards.... I say, yours is the right place for a perfect Weekend for anyone…. By the way, I forgot to ask you.... Where did you go this evening and how did you spend.......?”