Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Song of Life many times not sung properly!

Life initially encourages… Next tries to assert…. Further forces on doing…. If not honored beyond sure brings forth Own Implementation!
Why wait here till that takes place? Listening to the Pulse of Nature forever is the Right Way of Living!
Seen this way, next moment the tension in me is out and comes in its place the everlasting Peace in which State a Single Action alone is ever perceived!
It just touches like the softest feather if welcomed but hits like the hardest rock if firmed up to oppose which choice again is purely mine and mine alone!
Thus, I alone decide my fate on the Earth.... None else will be doing it and can do it for me!
It's truly a Choice-less Living here if seen in the Right Perspective else Advices are infinite, Controls are endless and Choices are too many!
Don’t I love my freedom? Then why surrender voluntarily to all this Confusion? Firming up here alone is the Ultimate Solution for all the so called 'Turmoils ' of Life at whatever levels they be!


  1. Sound advice. I need it too :D

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    1. Thank you very much for leaving such a good comment on these pages!

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    1. Thanks Indrani! Comments from Bloggers like you are of real worth at the back of my Writings!