Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The Parents and Elders had their own beliefs and faith and there they could not cross their mental barriers.... The child was born in the family after many years of waiting....  And no doubt, he was so precious to them.... And when it came to naming him with all reverence to their Faith, it was decided unanimously to name the boy 'XXXXXXXX!'

Truly speaking, the name itself had no problem but unfortunately there was a short cut to that very special name and that alone started creating problems later as the Parents earlier neither bothered to think in that direction so deeply nor having known everything, had no go but to name him that way alone!

But the man's problem throughout his life was..... 

"When such a nice name in full can be pronounced so easily, why the hell people are behind calling me by the short cut name thus ridiculing me eternally?"

  • In School as a young boy, he invariably heard around being called by that name which used to create a few ripples of laughter among his friends..... 
  • And in youth with his college friends, the issue was much more sensitive but once in a way in a fit of the moment he was addressed thus causing a few moments of tension....
  • As a young man in his job, when the Boss just tried that name, he protested a bit deeply and the Boss having understood his psychology, instantly refrained from doing that but secretly conveyed to all the Seniors of the Organization how sensitive the young man was in respect of that single issue....
  • As a Manger at Work no doubt, he had some footing to a certain extent as all by then having understood his temper, refrained from that calling but few times when they were either at a distance or a bit angry with him, invariably it was used....
  • Further a few years later, as the Chief at Work and as a responsible family man he had more Authority and Say everywhere and thus could control the situation very well but a few indirect unpleasant experiences where in he was referred by his short name were quite active in his memory for a while....
  • Soon as the GM in his Company and as a good parent with grown up children, he ever carried the respect of being called by the Original Name, that too with 'Sir' always added and none could talk anything 'LESS' of it....
  • Finally, when he touched sixty and retired, his vast experience and wisdom sure carried a lot of value for people around, all precisely forgot everything and used to refer him exclusively 'Sir' alone and not even full name before to it!
The very Special Day was a Great Event in his house…. All his family members with their children had arrived for a Get Together.... And the Little One of two and half year old who arrived to his Grand Parents Home from abroad for the first time was truly the number one center of attraction to every one....

That evening, the family was together with a few of their close friends and relatives and every one around was mesmerized by the Little One's movements and interactions….

All of a sudden the little Grand Child till that time playing with his toys, ran to his Grand Father shouting aloud in his broken words....  

"'XXXX' Grand Pa! You Come and Play with me.... We will play the Traffic Jam game!"

The ever conscious aged man for a lifetime at being addressed by that 'Single Word' no doubt reacted instantly but with a broad smile never seen on his face earlier when called thus as the gentleman straight away felt an unexplained joy in his heart when his dear Grand Son just called him thus, of course the truth being the Little One having the real difficulty of pronouncing his favorite Grand Pa's full name!


  1. This is what the love of a child can do; it can melt anybody's heart :)

    1. Thanks for the valuable comment.... You said one hundred percent correct!

  2. Sometimes a child understands your heart where the world fails.

    1. True Madam! There we don't mind anything.... Thanks!

  3. Innocence of a child can win anything and everything... :-)

    1. Yes, Maniparna! I very much value your Special Comment.... Thanks!