Friday, March 20, 2015


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God says, "I have given you Nature around as coarse; try to live your life as much nearer to this as possible!" Man forgets this eternally and forever would be exploring fineness everywhere in everything….

God says, "Take initial care and see that unacceptable odors are not created by you around you!"  Man, on the other hand becomes careless there and endlessly tries to counter the bad odors invariably created around by lighting incense….

God says, "Between the Original Truth and what you actually experience in life are built all your Rules, Morals, Austerities and the Rituals.... Know this well!" Man simply forgetting a Message of continuous improvement required in that direction, often ends up worshiping these very entities themselves through out his life ....

God says, "Remember, any incapability in you sooner or later gets condemned everywhere…. Never invite an incapability all by yourself!" Man often forgets the hidden Message here and relaxes beyond invariably inviting a bundle of hidden in-capabilities with him for rest of his life....

God says, "Remember, your advising is like getting into a moving vehicle…. If you do not run along, you may soon be run over!" Man quickly forgets this Original Message and invariably starts forcing advice on others there by running into the eternal problems of conflict....

God says, "The world forever murmurs whatever you may do to please.... Stop this over pleasing!" Man again forgets this and sooner responds extra for all the murmurs around thus making the very murmurs increase many fold….

God says, "Between The Original Perfectness and the best trial to be Perfect lies the entire gist of your life…."  Man just forgets this One Message and in no time gets into worshiping his own perfectness....

God say, "Be vigilant everywhere....Else your confidence seen intact today doubly grows before a mishap and totally goes after that without an exception!"
 Man paying least attention to that Message ever moves ahead in life with a never lessening dose of over-confidence....

God says, " Be careful.... A Lost Empire can never be rebuilt to the Original Level.... Even if built physically, the Original Confidence people carried with them would ever be missing!" No doubt, man equal number of  times forgets this and works aimlessly till a certain downfall is seen as imminent....

God says, “There is only one Duty with you…. Fighting with yourself through out your life!”  It is strange to see man coolly forgetting this Valuable Message fighting with others continuously....

God says, "A well informed person in the vicinity quickly becomes an enemy to those equally competing around….Take care!"  Man coolly forgets this hidden Truth and starts challenging around till he is snubbed at a certain level without a say....

God says, "Learn to fight for your Rights in silence first before voicing for the Rights of others…."
Man equal number of times is seen bypassing this Golden Rule and fighting everywhere endlessly till silenced once for all!"


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    1. Thanks Archana! They are the Musings from heart!

  2. Sreedhar Sir, yours posts (& stories) have very positive impact on lot of readers like me. Very good. I am bookmarking this post.

    1. Oh! That's so nice of you Vishal!... Thanks for the interest shown....

  3. Great presentation of both versions!

    1. Yes, Indrani.... We have our own unlimited strengths within which many times we are not able to madke use of properly.... Thanks for the appreciation of the Post!

  4. A profound progression of two sides of the same coin. A Great enlightening post.