Wednesday, March 18, 2015


“Dear!  Let's talk softly…. Else the neighbors may come to know about this…. One man knows, every one around would know in no time…. Do you agree that we don’t want the News Item being talked of so much at this stage when the matter is just moving well in the right direction, isn't it? When it's the right time, we only would be surprising all our people by announcing our XXXXXX….”

“No issue here…. I fully agree with you that it's a duty a secret be kept…. They say that a secret of home should never be revealed.... I took all the precautions so that none around will get a doubt on this!"

“That's great! Now, let’s talk of tomorrow’s Plan…. Let me check whether the glass window shutters are fully closed so that our talk is never overheard outside?”

“Don't worry....This is winter and I keep the shutters of all the windows closed every day evening at 6 so that the house remains warm.... The exhaust fan provides necessary ventilation and actually under it's dull noise nothing will be heard from inside...."

“OK dear! Now, let's sit in the middle of the room and talk…. I ever doubt sitting near to a partition wall or window and talk…. It is easy to be overheard there whatever precautions we may take….”

“Shall I note down the proposed Plan of activities in this book so that we don't miss major works involved in completing our XXXXXX?”

“I agree that we should do it but not right at this moment…. Here, I 
may be doing it for remembrance sake but sometimes from such scribbles seen somewhere too a lot can be inferred…. Let’s make it only oral presently and memorize our activities for the day…. I heard about people taking out scrap chits from trash and guessing  the matters!”


“OK! These are our main activities for tomorrow and let's start  at 10 AM tomorrow and finish off all…. That definitely takes us to the point........."

I forgot to tell you....Our Rohit’s Miss had sent a Slip asking us meet her and as she wants to discuss with us about the Extra Curricular Activities for him in these Summer Holidays…. It seems the school is planing a 15 day Summer Camp……..”

“Yes! We have to make our boy attend these Camps…. It truly helps the child’s growth…. These chances never do come again…. We will meet the Teacher positively tomorrow….  Then let's start tomorrow morning at 9 itself....”

The next day at 9 AM, in the Basement Parking Area.....

 “Hi, Rohit! What happened? Why are you here? No school?”

“Uncle! I am going to school with my parents… They are coming down…. I am waiting!”

“What’s the matter dear? When is the school closing for Summer?”

"Next week onwards are our holidays.... It’s about the Summer Camp, my parents are coming with me to discuss with our Miss…. Any how, they are going that way for XXXXXX also...... So they planned to finish the school work along with that!”

“What! Your dad never told me that he finalized on XXXXXX?”

“Yes, Uncle! Everything is finalized…. We had already gone to two places for this and met some people there…. I know that only three problems are there to be resolved.... My dad was telling........


  1. Ha ha, Kids have sharper ears than the walls.

  2. :D
    If the kiddo knows, it becomes an open secret. :)

  3. so any info needed that seems to be a secret just catch hold of the kids! :)

  4. :D :D I know kids can do this.