Tuesday, April 28, 2015


  • I am no one to ask the other man to change as I just have to change only myself.... But funnily the 'Opposite' alone goes on unending with me and whenever I attempt changing myself, it looks the easiest because really I do not change so easily!
  • I am no great chooser in my life except accepting that with me 'As Is' and according to that go on modifying my 'Expectations!' But what to do? I already bundled my 'Sure Expectations' neatly packed and kept ready in my Cup-Board.... Further, I never feel less at any time for aiming thus and this alone is the one activity I do 'Very Well' in my life! 
  • I hardly know myself.... But you ask me, I can talk extempore volumes and volumes of any 'Corner of the World' because my that knowledge is never limited.... 
  • Every one loves his / her freedom very much but I quickly forget this and in no time would be trying to stop someone's aim / plan in life as I like that a lot till on a day, that same person almost stops me physically doing that! 
  • My activities are actually just a speck amidst the Universal Happenings, but I ever strongly feel that I only move the entire world around! 
  • My extra capabilities should ultimately help the less capable, but often strangely I auction these for a price which the needy are forced to pay at the back of an unnecessary fear I instill in them out of my skills for pure personal gain.... 
  • Truly speaking, my mind continuously plays double infinite dramas before I take firm control of myself but strangely, I feel that I all by myself am under full control! 
  • In reality, my any extra movement than required is a hindrance in the world but my constant aim forever makes me expand myself to the nook and corner of the same world! 
  • If I can just manage my time well without pain, I have truly conquered myself but I very often 'Kill' this time thru' too many avocations not knowing what to do with it thus coolly and safely store the pain for future release in an avalanche form.... 
  • If I cannot dance on my own, my life is nothing but a 'Prison' but many times, I happily 'Welcome' my Prison by simply surrendering myself there beyond.... 
  • If I fail, I have the message ‘Wake up!’ but I, very often quickly get away from that 'Escaping' into my own world happily! 
  • Had I known my limitation, half of my job would have been done well but since I never care there, I forever end up necessarily blaming the fate for all my troubles.... 
  • Again, had I simply stood for a moment to the others’ adverse comments, half of my tensions would have gone for a life time, but since 'Giving Back' is very attractive, the same tensions never leave me for the life time!


  1. Excellent compilation of thoughts Sir. The one that I like the best is
    Had I known my limitation, half of my job would have been done well

    1. Thanks Somali.... A good Comment on these Pages!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Archana.... A few times the thoughts just flow in without a break.... Remaining time, they totally stop.... It's just His Will!