Friday, April 24, 2015


As the Aircraft started rolling on the runway, the gentleman in the middle seat in rear closed his eyes for a while in prayerful mode and further to that sat in an upright position in his seat.... The Plane picked up speed in no time with a roaring sound and was soon into skies at the back of a few side ward movements and certain up and downs…. The jolts were a bit nauseating but all in no time smoothed into the level flight…. The engines were at their full thrust and in the rear seating compartment the human audible levels had dropped down instantly amidst the constant sound of the engines…. The flight planned time was about 2 hrs….

The middle aged man seated next to the gentleman constantly looking out through the window appeared to be in a tense mood…. The gentleman noticed the same for a while and initially kept quite…. And the passenger in aisle seat next to him too was seen not at so much ease with a certain tension on his face…. But soon all had to smile at one another and in the process the middle gentleman casually asked the man in the window seat…. “Sir! Are you traveling for the first time and that too alone?”

“No…. Not the first time…. But of course, often I travel alone as I have go to on my Office Works to various places…...” replied the man casually....

“You seem to be not feeling well?”

“Yeah! You got it…. I'm suffering from this so called Aviophobhia…. The fear of flying…. And am not able to over come this whatever I may try!”

The other co-passenger heard this talk and immediately said, "So to say, I too have the same problem.... Actually I thought of going by train for this travel…. But there was not much time and my people said it's better I go by Flight…. For me too, it’s a bit scary to sit here like this!”

By then, the gentleman understood that both the men on his side were tensed up over the safety in flying…. Being a Frequent Traveler and having traveled widely to the corners of the world and enjoyed flying, he wanted to infuse a certain confidence and positive attitude in his co-passengers....

He felt proud, smiled at both of his new friends and said, “Sir! I feel I should help you both here…. If you listen to me on the subject, many of your wrong beliefs of flying will soon vanish and you can be freed from these Phobias or fears you have…. Let me try my bit, with your permission!”

Both the co-passengers instantly nodded their heads asking him to go ahead with that…. Meanwhile, a few drinks were served to them and they quickly finished all that….

The gentleman started, “Sir! The Aircraft we regularly travel are very safe…. So much of care is taken in building, maintaining and flying the Aircraft that with all confidence I can easily say flying is the safe way of traveling!”

The co-passengers were instantly seen showing an interest in his talk….

The gentleman continued….”See! We many times think that travel on ground is quite safe as we get a feeling there that whatever might happen, we are ultimately on a firm base…. And while flying, this feeling is shaken up a bit as we feel that we are hanging all the way…. Do you agree?”

Both the men's faces appeared brightened up….”You exactly sensed our thoughts…” they said together.... And the gentleman felt too proud with that single praise....

At that point of time a few refreshments were served to them…. The gentleman thanked the Hostess and said…. "See! They are serving tasty food too during our lengthy travel…. It’s time to relax and enjoy this travel!” And the co-passengers, nodded their heads in silence…

Having finished eating the food, the gentleman continued his talk on Flight Safety Aspects for a while…. At length he decided to bring out a few facts before his small audience…. He smiled and said, “See! Sir! You should actually go by statics available with us…. If you look into the world records of Air Travel and the accident rate…………………. That way seen, Air Travel is the very safe mode of transport anywhere in the world!”

Having concluded his talk with an air of pride seen on his face, the gentleman suddenly looked at his watch and said, “Oh! Its nice that we spent almost the full journey time talking on Flight Safety…. It’s time to land…. See, the Aircraft had already started descending…. We have to fasten our seat belts now and make ourselves ready for landing…." and having done that before the regular announcement, the gentleman concluded his talk, "This is one of the safety requirements to be followed during take off, landing and in times of turbulence….. Anyhow, I hope you both feel better now with all what I told and did during the travel…. That’s where one’s confidence really goes up and I feel I honestly did my part of the job here….

“Not exactly so…." said the window seated co-passenger with a distinct relief seen on his face.... "Mine is a deep rooted problem and am suffering from this Phobia since long time.... Earlier, I had gone for many Advices and many times I was told the same that you told us now.... And am constantly educating myself too on that and trying my best…. But strangely, the problem is continuing and it seems is never going to leave me so easily…. Any way, your talk of one and half hrs for almost the full length of the journey just kept my mind diverted from this very nauseating fear lurking in my mind…. That way you have really helped me a lot here….Thank you very much for the same!”

“Again, not really all that in my case too” said the other co-passenger with a mixture of expressions well seen on his face…. “Leaving all said and done, the one thing you did immediately as soon as the flight took off…. i.e., You closed your eyes for a minute and silently prayed to God, you know… That really infused the best confidence in me and I decided that here afterwards, I should mainly depend on this alone in all my future travel.... Anyway, thanks a lot for being with us this evening!”


  1. Diverting mind from an issue helps at times. :-)

    1. Yes, It works our in certain cases.... Thanks you very much Somali!

  2. We are all dependent on each other. :)

    1. Thanks Indrani...You brought out equally the Right Point.... All put together is the Safety anywhere in the world!