Thursday, June 4, 2015


"The Great Stories go thus....
  • “The rich man of the Town had a very bad dream one night.. He suddenly lost his monies, name, fame, was imprisoned and put in a Cell with its own cold away from the warmth of his family.. Utterly weeping in himself, he was looking at every corner for solace and nothing seemed helpful! Suddenly he woke up from the dream profusely sweating and looked around.. Instantly, he found himself in his own home with the family sleeping by his side and with all his wealth, name and fame intact! He felt highly happy and relaxed with nothing really lost and thus further went back to sleep blissfully for the rest of the night…. In a similar manner, One who is truly delivered from the turmoils of mundane life will forever be freed from the conflicts and sorrows of life and from their harrowing hold!
  • When the night watchman on vigil at midnight was casually repeating the words, 'Hoshiyaar.. Jagte Raho (Be alert and be awake)!', all got up from their sleep, checked the doors for security and went back to sleep.... But a young man thought, 'Am I really sleeping in my life?' He thus got a Great Instant Awakening through this normal message, opened the door at that midnight and walked off into jungles for ultimate Meditation and Penance! 
  • A crow got a piece of meat, flew to a tree branch to sit and eat the piece.. But in no time, a dozen crows attacked it together.. The crow flew branch to branch to escape from the attack, but the dozen crows equally followed.. It was restless for a while and finally in a total helpless state dropped the piece of meat to ground.. The chasing crows immediately left the original crow and went after the piece of meat fighting within themselves.. The original crow rested peacefully on the branch of the tree. A Sage passing by saw that and thought, “The only way to be at Peace in this world is to drop the attachments with me!” 
"Sir! What's the use of all these stories to a normal person like me? In spite of listening to all these, a man behaves almost in his own way and never becomes truly Spiritual.. Renunciation is never for people like us.. Better we get into some productive talk and the related activities.. They alone are more useful here.. Spirituality is a myth for normal humans as the world is very much real for them!"

"Dear! You are very much wrong here.. Even though the stories talk of the state of mind of the highly evolved man, a silent Message for an ordinary man like me too is there here to be more awake in my life to the Reality that the Rose is given to me with a thorn too attached to it!"

"But it appears, I have no choice here.. My ignorance is too thick to remember this constantly and I forever see the Rose as a beautiful flower only and nothing less to that!"

"Yes! That's very much true and here, the only way in front of a normal man like me is to be honestly doing the duties attached to me as I live my life around.. Let that be at home, at work, in the neighborhood or in the bazaar! 

When I thus do my duties equally remembering these stories, the same stories truly come to my rescue and divert my attention partly from the worldly objects for a while.. If done with all sincerity, soon these Noble Works alone take out the force of the attractions around resulting in a some clarity where in the rich man's dream experience gets lessened..  

When I thus become more attentive constantly negating the attractions thus spending less time in that direction with more in the direction of my duties, ultimately a certain Level of Calmness is bound to come to me which surely makes the rich man's dream truly distant!