Monday, June 15, 2015


  • The Disciple asked the Master, "Have you seen God?"  The Master smiled and said, "Yes, I've seen! If you want I can show you too!" There were no more questions from the Disciple as it was 100% clear to Him what the Master had meant, further to that He Meditated eternally and became an Ardent Devotee of His Master and the Greatest Saint of the times!
  • The Master took another disciple who was pestering him to show God, put his face submerged in waters of Ganges River for 2 minutes and took him out when he was struggling to breath.. "How did you feel when you were under the water?" He asked the disciple...  "For those 2 minutes, I never thought of anything except having a few breaths of air!" said the disciple..  "Unless you have such a deep urge in you to see God, you will never be able to see Him!" said the Master with a smile..
  • Master Dronoacharya showing a bird in distance, asked all the Pandava Princes, "What are you seeing in front of you at the distance?"  Each brother described grossly what he was seeing in front but Prince Arjuna just said, "I'm just seeing only the eye of the bird and nothing else!" And later Prince Arjuna alone became the most famous Archer of those times!
  • A man dreamed of something, worked in that line for a while but failed.. A few around looked at him in sympathy and said, "No use to struggle like this.. It's better you do some thing else in your life!" "Where is the failure? I am continuously in the process of learning and moving up.. See! Am already into the next stage in this line!" he said with all confidence!
  • The famous Scientist when advised by his wife not to do his monotonous job of going to the Lab daily to invent something which could never be found and at least for a day do what he liked, he promised her that he would sure 100% do what he liked on the next day and in the early morning hrs of that day straight away went to His Lab... He was finally a great success in his Mission as there was only one doing for such a determined Personality and not two!

These Stories/Facts with us clearly show one thing.. If I can dream it, I can sure do it!  Of course, that very dreaming has to be intense and no less and can't be half-hearted with conditions attached..

It is a fact that each person comes into this world with an aim of doing something original to him / her in Nature.. That alone would be his / her aim in life as his / her mind is already set in that direction.. As the man grows up, this original trait basically guides him / her most of the times and tries to makes the person the best in that field.. It's better the sooner, I catch hold of this trait of mine and pursue my further life in that line..

No doubt, many hurdles and obstacles will be coming in the way of such a determined Personality but having dreamt of the goal at heart such a man gets an unknown energy within to overcome all that at any cost and finally will succeed in that.. He / she is part of Nature around or so to say the Nature and he / she are originally One.. So the very Nature around has its own sacred need too in that through which it maintains its eternal balance of vigor and vibrancy around.. Thus, the Nature too comes to the rescue of such a man indirectly and helps him / her out in the job as at that point of time it never remains as the single man's work but indirectly becomes the Work of God wherein the entire humanity and living beings around would be getting benefited by those very actions..

This Philosophy we might have heard or read indirectly through our ancient stories too an example being.. when a Great Saint used to sit in Meditation for the good of the world and stays there with all humility, even the so called harmful creatures around would become instantaneously humble in the Great man's Presence and never used to disturb or harm the Great Man.. This too appears very much correct as the energies of such damaging forces too which a few times are never less are again part of the Nature and there the Great Man's Love invariably streamlines such energies for the ultimate good of every one..

Thus seen, it is ever the right to say that if I can dream it I can sure do it! Of course, that dream should not be a worthless day dream, should not be a dream of weak hope backed by certainty despair, should not be a dream of greed and should not be a dream wherein I look out every moment for my comfort, luxury and enjoyment.. Devoid of these negative traits which too can powerfully capture a man and incapacitate or divert him / her at one stage, an uninterrupted least self oriented dream gets every support around and sure would become a certain success in time!


  1. I have to read one by one of your stories to my little one.Thanks sir ,it gives me such a boost of energy

  2. So true. Few people realize that the way their lives shape up is purely in the way they think.

  3. That is such a beautiful post .
    Actually people often dream about how to achieve what other person has indirectly shelving their true dreams because of ignorance or greed.