Monday, June 22, 2015


A man was surrounded by a set of problems.. Rightly to say too many problems and specific problems of pestering Nature! As he thought over, he could clearly make out how his peace of mind was disturbed and how his near and dear ones were subjected to suffering because of those problems.. And there, equally he could clearly identify the specific people from known Circles because of whom the problems surfaced…. 
  • ‘That man had done this or else I would have been the happiest…….’
  • ‘My own man created all this mess for me and now it has become my job……..’
  • ‘My that man had become a constant headache to me for the past six months and….…..’
  • ‘Now, in case he does that, how can I face people and further…….?’
  • ‘What's the end to this? I am totally doomed here.… My that so called dear friend had disturbed me to such a level………’ 
etc.. etc.. with all the related murmur, anguish, conflict, misery, shouting and crying within with a vexed feeling at the heart that finally brought the firm conclusion.. Because of 'My the other Man' alone, I am in this bad state!

He instantly became angry and further was doubly angry in a short time…. When the anger strikes thus, a man forgets himself in no time, loses discrimination and quickly plans certain meticulous damaging actions indirectly overpowered by hatred too; a phenomenon inevitable in Nature! And in this particular context too, the man got agitated thus and was planning his own style of actions to hit back…. That rage was not uncommon…. The self many times reacts thus!

He, in time had the great plans of bringing down the Kingdoms of his disliked ones…. And the plans were too meticulous and no where it could go wrong!

Action 'Number One' was the anvil.. The result would be monitored closely.. At one blow, the axe would strike where it was aimed at.. Next follows, action 'Number two'.. Thus the viscous thoughts were ruling him strongly and at that point of time he was totally in a mad state and no one could stop him there!

Suddenly, his son aged 14 years entered the room with an excitement clearly seen on his face…

“Dad! Today I heard from a great man who visited our School that the whole world moves in the right direction because of the operation of two Truths…. It seems they are…

1. Life is not a bed of roses.... and
2. Between a cup and a lip there are many slips!

What exactly is the meaning here and how our world is controlled by these Truths? Do you know anything?”

The man was instantly speechless and was dumb struck for a while.. It took some time for him to come to his senses..  Slowly it opened up in him, "When nothing is guaranteed in this my life of small time compared to the Eternal Existence of Nature, what is that I am aiming at here?"

And as he pondered over again and again on what his son had mentioned, a certain calmness took over him suddenly..

"Why am I finding fault with others unnecessarily? Life has its own ups and downs as well as is favorable and unsupportive.. Let me simply do the right in the situation and forget the rest.. Whatever comes up in the process, that alone is my life and nothing else! I'm simply wasting my energies in all this wrong thinking!"

And instantly he was cool and all happy!

From distance, the beautiful Sloka 65 from Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard on Loud Speakers melodiously recited with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Prasade sarva dhukhanam hanir asyopajayate
Prasanna cetasohy asu buddhih paryavatisthate'

'When one attains the precious mercy of the Ultimate personality ( When the Ultimate Truth strikes) certainly the end of all miseries occurs ( all miseries end) and soon this happy minded person has his spiritual intelligence fully established (will be at Total Peace)!'


  1. Rightly said regarding fault finding & true peace. Bhagwad Geeta also says in Chapter 2 Verse 16 that Bad has no existence and good never ceases to be, the reality of both has been acknowledged by the seekers of truth.

    1. Thanks for such a supportive comment, Ravish.. Love the same.. Sorry for forgetting to answer the Comment in time.. Some how I missed answering the comments of this Post!

  2. A story with a good message to start the day with. Life is much better when we realize that getting sucked into the vicious circle of negativity does no good to us and others..

    1. That's nice of you to say so, Somali.. A comment that highly deserves to be on the Post.. Sorry, I forgot to reply on this in time.. I don't know why it happened.. Thanks and Best Wishes!

  3. I am great believer in the power of self and that nobody decides our fate than we ourselves and your post so much resonates my belief that I feel very glad reading this :)

    1. Happy to hear such nice comment from you, Roohi.. Thanks for the same and sorry I forgot to answer the comment in time.. It may be too late but as I noticed it today, I could answer it immediately!