Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The 6 lane wide road is being tarred for a smooth, shining and perfect getup and the perfection invariably needed the right effort put together in cleaning, clearing the debris, filling up the pot holes and thus making it ready for the huge automatic tarring machine coming steadily behind a group of laborers actively working in front with an aged frail man slowly lifting and carrying the debris to the side of the road, a young mother having listened to the cry of her infant a little away under the care of an old lady, sticking to her work for a few minutes more helping out the tarring process go smoothly and a few kids of the laborers playing around for the day as the usual vehicles, the luxury cars with shutters up avoiding the dust and noise and a few buses carrying school going children pass by on the half cleared road!


  1. Replies
    1. You said it very much Right.. Thanks for the good Comment!

  2. The truth is they are all farmers and with harsh climate and farming not giving returns they have turned to construction workers to make a living...its sad very sad state.

    1. Yes you have touched the right point. But who is listening. Neighher the policy makers nor the regular people like me, who can try and make a difference. Until farming becomes profitable and fashionable, we will have to see these and many more.

    2. Thanks Shweta and Varnam for bringing out the root-cause and continuation of the issue!