Thursday, June 11, 2015


"It' s really a big tension for a man like me living in the ground floor of my Apartment Complex.. I have to constantly face the nuisance from the wastes mostly liquids thrown into my backyard from above.. I made a temporary extended shelter with plastic roof to prevent the direct spilling of liquids into my backyard.. Now, they fall on the shelter and dry up there itself but sometimes flow down the slope making the backyard dirty.. And when these liquids hit the plastic roof, big sounds are heard all round..

If at all there is some culture with people means, it truly reflects here only.. I know the family who does this regularly as I see the distinct marks on the white washed surface originating from the balcony wall of the flat.. Three days ago, I met the man and told him that I can now prove his doing.. He pleaded ignorance saying that it was a mistake unknowingly done by his family members and assured me that it would not repeat.. And imagine myself daily sitting in my Meditation Practice disturbed by these big sounds of dripping liquids around.."
thus was saying a man to his friend on a Sunday early morning who returned from his Pilgrimage and was briefing the man about his visit..

“Oh, God!  With me it is another type of nuisance in my Apartment from a fellow neighbor.. This man forever is ready to disturb me and trouble me the moment I'm available for him.. Now, he will not even understand that I had gone on a Great Pilgrimage to see various Deities and Places of Worship and returned with such a Pious mind.. You know, all these days I just switched off my mobile phone to avoid this man during my Pilgrimage and kept another phone with me for contacting my people.. As usual, he is going to bore me with his politics, fights, ill feelings at his work and among his relatives etc.. Many times, I told him to leave all such talk and think of God.. But no use at all.. That's the exact reason I'm here today in these early hrs to escape from his nuisance.. Otherwise, by this time my entire Sanctity would have vanished..” replied the friend..

Suddenly a rattling sound from the backyard was heard intermittently but quite louder.. The friend asked, “Is this the noise you were talking of all the time?”

"Yes!" said the man fuming, “See! As a one time visitor you yourself are finding the noise so loud.. I stay here; bear this nuisance continuously and in addition with all the dirt above and around.. I told you.. That neighbor above made all that great promises but it appears, he forgot the whole thing! Or may be, he is angry with me for having reminded of his civic sense and taking revenge on me.. I'm not going to leave him any more..”

Both came out and as they looked up, they found distinct marks on the parapet wall of that flat.. “You see....This man is never bothered to educate his people.. No use, I have to lodge a complaint..” The man was jumping with rage…

Suddenly, the phone rang.. The man rushed in, took the phone and said to his friend in a soft tone covering the mouth piece.."It's for you... Your that neighbor wants to talk to you.." The friend in a hushed up voice said from the backyard itself, "Just take the message and disconnect the phone.. That's it.. I don't want to talk to him now!"

Thus saying as he casually looked up, he saw three crows actively moving on the plastic sheet, hopping in between for the left out and dried up waste food material which actions caused the big sounds but in the process automatically were cleaning up the roof top surface!

The man answered the phone and after disconnecting the call said to his friend, "It seems there was an important Letter for you in your absence.. The Courier boy could not contact you on your mobile neither this man.. He took that Letter from the Courier Boy by convincing him, saw the importance of it, went to the Office who sent the letter, convinced them and got time extension for action till your return.. He is telling that you should go there tomorrow without fail and do the needful!”

God was Smiling from above.. ”I am always in the man next to you forever listening to you and doing your works.. No doubt, One of you daily may be doing hrs of long Meditation to Experience Me and the other already made a big Trip to Offer his Prayers to Me but have you both forgotten the easier way of Seeing Me directly in that next man by caring for him/her a little more?”


  1. How we are sometimes proven wrong and our perceptions change! Nice story Sir.

  2. It proves that we should be judgemental to others so quickly... nice story, Sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna for a nice Comment on these Pages!