Saturday, July 18, 2015


At the end of a ‘Well done’ day’s Work, I just relaxed a bit letting my thoughts go wild for a while..
  • I was proud of my Wealth / Assets for a moment.. 
Instantly the Inner Voice warned, “Are you equally ready if misfortune strikes and some of it is gone forever? Better be humble and make use part of that money for good causes as you live through!”
  • I pondered over my Professional Growth achieved next to that.. 
Instantly the Inner Voice remarked, “Can you take it cool if someone else is favored in your place and you become secondary in the scenario? Better be humble here and work for the betterment of people around you through your achievement!”
  • I thought of my Intelligence for a while.. 
Instantly the Inner Voice laughed saying, “What do you do if something fails here eternally and you have to fend with what is left with you? Better be humble here and make use of that quality for the uplift of the less Privileged around!”
  • I banked upon my Name and Fame next to that.. 
Instantly the Inner Voice said, “What do you do if the same is tarnished through a meticulous plan hatched around you? Better be humble here and don't believe in all these beyond!”
  • I pondered over my Achievements immediate to that.. 
Instantly, the Inner Voice said, “What do you do if the Next One is sure a failure? Better be humble here and be content with what you have as on date!”
  • I was proud of my Character for some time.. 
Instantly, the Inner Voice busted the Truth, “What do you do if the same is targeted and tarnished? Better be humble here never banking upon these worldly gains at any time!”
  • I thought of my Self Imposed Discipline the next instance.. 
The Inner Voice was too quick to remind me, “What do you do if bad luck strikes you and you are pushed towards the wrong? Better be humble here and physically keep off from the wrong as much as possible!”
  • Finally, I memorized within me my own Values of life as an escape.. 
Instantly the Inner Voice brought out the point, “What do you do if the same are least cared by the next Generation? Better be humble here and forever carry the thought that every expression around has its own merits!”
  • In spite of all the above reminders, I was confident of my own Safety Measures taken every where so that all the above are well checked and kept under good control.. 
The Inner voice was laughing from behind.. “In spite of your best care everywhere, where is it still written that everything is guaranteed and you are going to be you are the next moment? Better be humble here and wish for the best everywhere!”

And I was totally at a loss for a while not knowing what to do next.. Suddenly, it struck me..
  • Why not Surrender to the Almighty through a Humble Prayer in my heart with a firm Faith that my plans stand no where in front of His Ultimate Plan?
Next moment, the Inner Voice was totally silent with instant Peace prevailing around putting at one stroke all the agitations existed till then to cold storage thus proving the Great Saying Viz.,

“If you move one Step towards Him, He will Move ten Steps towards you!”


  1. One should be humble indeed and leave the rest to the Almighty. A nice and thought provoking post, Sir.

    1. Thanks Deeshani! Rightly said.. Ultimately, humility alone does all the wonders here!

  2. a good take on humble... very nice article... after all it is the almighty who decides everything... great post sir...

    1. Yes, Ashish! If I understand thus, it is really very much helpful in my life to be at Peace..Thanks for the Comment!

  3. This is such a calming post...i loved the question/answer session that we need to have within oneself.
    May peace prevail.

    1. Thanks Alok.. I love the Comment very much.. God Bless!

  4. loved the style in which you presented this post sir... and yes... humility counts... :-)

    1. Thanks Archana.. You brought out the right point again.. Humility forever counts No 1 in all Devotional Approaches.. God Bless you and your family!

  5. This makes a lot of sense to me!

    1. Thank you Mridula.. I love the Comment very much.. Let me say in this context that your Travel Blogs are truly marvelous and exemplary.. It's truly a great drive in you to explore the world around thus.. Best wishes!