Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Suddenly there was a Problem in the man's life.. Not the usual one.. Truly a headache type.. And as helplessness and dullness alone ruled him for a while..
  • East was seen only as the point of constant sun rise for days coming up with nothing more to offer..
  • West was seen showing up nothing but repetitive sun sets day after day without new in the offing..
  • North too was found to have no great promise in store with the seasonal wind blowing followed by intermittent gusts..
  • And South appeared equally dull with no Silver Lining in the dark clouds seen in distance..
  • Looking down, the Mother Earth too so much loving till then was suddenly found absolutely silent..
  • And finally a glance up just confirmed the fact that Gods too had totally vanished from the skies for a while!
And there was only one way out for the man.. Close the eyes and curse, curse and curse the self eternally!

But strangely, at that moment alone it happened.. And it had to happen and so it happened.. That's what we call.. Destiny!

There was a simple question in the man.. "Why am I thinking thus? Why not look at the 'Problem' itself whatever be, for a while?"

A great Courage came up all of a sudden in him.. 
And in front of that Courage, the very problem soon started melting away, with the layers peeling off one by one.. And the layers thus left aside dead seemed lost all that terrorizing influence in no time..

What's left then? Fully peeled off, the last layer too fell dead.. And it was simply Nothing.. The menacing Problem.. Absolutely Nothing the next moment.. And that was a genuine indication of the beginning of an entirely New life for the man..

A Challenge.. Yes.. Truly a life of Challenge with the weakening elements around seen crystal clear and the Way to address them too seen doubly clear.. And the Way was purely nothing but a set of activities which involved basically

  • Behaving impartially in the situation, 
  • Extending a minimum support to / participation in all the enjoyment activities for the psychological well-being of the self and others involved, 
  • Diverting those saved energies to the constructive work and welfare activities required at the moment and finally
  • Stop bothering for the criticisms and praises coming up in the process! 
The great Zeal in life thus returned in total.. And along with that the next moment,
  • The East shone brighter with the rising Sun..
  • The West welcomed with its golden hues spread out..
  • The Northern wind just turned to a cool, soothing breeze..
  • The Western clouds showed up their distinct Silver Lining..
  • Mother Earth turned Herself Cool and all loving as usual.. And
  • Gods from Above smiled and blessed the Brave Soul!


  1. Liked your pointers. Very practical & easy to follow. :)

    1. Thank you Ravish! Happy to know that the way of presentation is helpful..

  2. It's life decoded . loved the way the cardinal directions and the earth and the skies changed with perspective and determination :)

    1. Yes.. Happiness within instantly sees the brighter side of life.. Thanks for the explanatory comment!

  3. Well said sir. A change in perspective sets the directions right.

    1. You said it Somali.. In fact, the optimistic attitude just sees the brighter side life forever.. Thanks for the nice Comment!