Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The dad used to be very jovial with his School going children.. He had his Chapter of duties and responsibilities towards them written in bold letters, framed and hanged at a central place in his mind so that his children could read and understand that at their own level whenever they looked at him and further he too would read a few times within to remind of himself his own commitment through genuine introspection.. The Write-up went thus..

"My Dear Children, daily I'll see that you are made ready to go to your school in time by giving you all the support required.. After school hrs, I've fixed your required daily play time and study time.. You'll play with your friends in that time, come back and sit for studies after eating your favorite evening healthy snack.. The studies go for the prescribed hrs which are easily possible for you and during that time, I too sit by your side doing my regular work required to be done for the day.. If I finish earlier to you, I'll still sit by your side doing nothing for a while as you are studying..

When we all finish by the time set, its our entertainment time, followed by dinner and later bed time.. In this time I'm going to be always with you, I never get away from you unless some family/office works come up in the way..

Our week goes thus.. On Holidays and Sundays, we'll have studies for minimum hrs in the morning slot and I will again be with you during this time.. After that the whole day is yours.. We go round to see the places where you like to go and have fun or visit few close families well known to us.. Of course all within our financial limits and to the places where children generally go..

Thus goes our week and the next week follows.. And later months follow and in between it would be Exam time.. We continue the same discipline then too and thus you write all your Exams.. 

In between above all activities, you are equally free to relax the way you want too but it would sure be limited and we would quickly be back to our works..

Then follow the Results and summer vacation.. I promise it will be a new place then where you'll like to go and spend your vacation or spend time with friends and relatives..

Regarding the Results.. You will hear that but I don't bother about it except join with you there..

The Report Cards do come after every qtr and after the final Exam.. Just tell me where to sign as the parent, I simply do that and I promise I do not ask any questions further..

Thus together we move through this wonderful childhood time of yours, I too would become a child here when I'm with you except that I know more than you and can guide and monitor your work where required.. Otherwise, we just move together and do all the remaining works..

I promise I never get away from you at any time on my own except for health and family needs and work requirements..  And, y
ou too will have your immediate exceptions due to exigencies, health problems including your own boredoms a few times but within the limits..

My sincere feeling here is that this works the best here and in this process we all forever are together living under one Principle.. The elder always helps the younger and the younger ever respects the elder!

Dear Pals, I'm just a friend and a care-taker alone here all along and I promise that no authority would flow from me at any point of time as that's ever a duty with me in this context.. And this alone is going to be the way I'll bring you up whatever be the situation around and here I 100% assure you that you'll surely be living your childhood 'AS IS' with a fully 'KHULJAYE BACHPAN' seen around you!  

Further to the same, I sincerely believe that what comes up to us, I would like to take it as the Gift of God to me and I advise you too to do the same and be at Peace forever!"

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