Wednesday, July 1, 2015


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No doubt, these funny ‘FAKE MASTERS’ will be found everywhere around me in my life.. And my indirect dependence alone originally creates them and keeps them going strong..
  • If I'm just lax in my life, a few will be found around me in no time.. 
  • If I become more inattentive, soon more will be found.. and
  • If I'm caught with an unknown fear within me, the most numbers will be found well distributed everywhere around me!
This 'FAKE MASTER' is none but the self assumed Authority.. An Authority that is originally not there as per Nature’s requirement! 

Nature fixes just a 'SINGLE PAY MASTER' at a moment in my life who may change too the next moment but a 'SINGLE ONE' alone at a time.. And this goes on through out my life as long as I exist and consume continuously.. Again, this exactly is in tune with Law of Nature for Survival..  

Identifying this 'SINGLE MASTER' of mine no doubt, becomes the tough job for me as I forever, am carried over by my emotions more than my need..

When I thus live a confused life, the 'FAKE MASTER' by my side gets a firm footing and in time as I become more sluggish, the 'ONE FAKE' multiplies into numbers around me and soon a strong net work of such 'PSEUDO MASTERS' gets firmly established..

Their indirect Power no doubt makes me further weak as I have already decided to accept their presence and soon a stage would be reached where getting off from their clutches would be seen impossible..

In such a Scenario again, the few 'WELL-WISHERS' around me would remain just as weaklings alone not able to pull me up from the deep drench of mud I got into my life..

As time moves on the situation only worsens, more and more such 'FAKE MASTERS' start terrorizing me, the 'TRUE WELL-WISHERS' become fewer and fewer in numbers with many non interfering people getting off from me not able to cure me of my deep-rooted disease..

That way, this one life of mine forever is compromised and is written off indirectly with all that Original 'ENERGY, VIGOR AND AMBITION' permanently put into the cold storage..

Then is there a way out, in such instances?

Yes.. No doubt, it's there.. But, it's me and me alone that have to bell the cat here.. Meaning.. I alone have to get up and come out of the net I welcomed once upon a time..

A True Moral Story in this context….

In a certain village, the villagers were under a strong belief that there was a ‘Demon’ in an adjacent cave to their village..

To keep the Demon under check, they constantly used to worship the cave with all known to them and thus were living a limited life..

A young man of the village straight away thought, “Why to live with this nonsense?”

But he acted cool, first took permission from the villagers, then one day entered the cave, checked himself every corner of the cave, further waited for a day there for any changes to happen and finally ascertained himself that there was nothing other than clusters of cob webs hanging alround.. He thus made sure himself that nothing would happen to him if he did not worship the cave.. 

He came out, declared the same Truth to the villagers, but the villagers who never had that 'FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE' pulled him to a side saying that enough was enough and thus further were happy to live with their fear and worshipping their cave alone..

The young man who had seen 'WHAT WAS WHAT' too of course lived with them looking like them only but forever free of that fear within!

A 'FAKE MASTER' with us is just like this cave.. If I am afraid, he is very much there.. If I yield, he terrifies me more and if I succumb to the pressures, I become a permanent slave there.. But, if I stand up and look straight at him once, he is never there!

So the next time, I encounter a 'FAKE MASTER' in my area, let me straight away 'CHECK, ASCERTAIN AND THEN IGNORE' the man once for all and 'BE FREE FOREVER!'


  1. Yes, rightly said. Fear is our choice, it is a state of mind that makes us a slave of the thing we fear of. One should overpower it to get untied of the chains of restrictions.

  2. Fear is the only source of ignorance. Tat Twam Asi - the omnipotent, omniscient & omnipresent. And to realise it, knowledge is not of much help but courage.

    Well written, Sir.

  3. This post reminds me of Plato's allegory of the cave. Timely post to remind people that many of their fears are imagined and should not be allowed to rule them

  4. Amazing...its refreshing to read your post Sir...thanks for sharing simple facts of life in simple ways.

    1. Thanks Madam for the appreciation and a good Comment on these Pages..

  5. Wonderfully explained Sir, loved the allegory of cave... great post... :-)

  6. This is explained so well.So often we get caught up in the confusion and fears of life. Thank you Sir for sharing.

  7. it's always so good to read your posts sir - so much wisdom :-) Trust all is well with you...

    1. Thanks Archana for the enquiry and good Comment.. I'm at Irvine CA for few months..

  8. So true, so wise. Thanks for sharing.