Monday, August 3, 2015


It was the busiest hour of the Office.. There was a call on Intercom..

“Hello, Krish! How are you? What's going on?”

“Oh, Yeah! How are you Raghav? Have not seen you since 3 days! What’s the matter?”

“Yaar!  It's the same.. That man gave me work and it seems it should be done in 2 days! And no input is available.. I have to go round and beg for all that requirement.. What nonsense he talks? I just told him that it takes minimum 3 days.. Am going away today in time.. Let's see what he will do!  By the way, what’s happening there?”

“Same thing, Yaar! These Bosses have no idea of what's possible.. My man, just 10 minutes back called me and said that this whole job had to be completed today and then only I could go home.. I don’t understand what he talks! Tell me, how can any one do 3 full days job just in a day? 

If I say that, he looks to a side and says sheepishly, ‘What’s the problem dear? Pay proper attention and work some time extra and you can sure do it!’ You know what happens, if I say further one word extra.. He simply looks at you as if you are unfit on the job.. What targets do these people set! For the monies we get, we are just slogging like slaves.. Sheer nonsense!”

“OK, dear! Forget all this.. Anyhow, these problems will be there daily.. And this work too will never leave us.. It's lunch hour.. Coming for lunch?”

The talk ended there and in the next 10 minutes both were at the Canteen..

At lunch, the two further continued the discussions.. Some solution had to be found for the unending pressures brought on them.. The friend firmly advised, 

“If it can't be done, say coolly that you will take another day; thats it! Heaven is not going to fall! Truly speaking, it's just a trick here.. Other wise be soft, you will be loaded with tonnes of unending work!  I take a bet here and be seeing me today.. I'll just get out of all this mess exactly at 5 PM sharp!”

The young man envied his friend for his courage and sharpness to be able to say so.. He found himself limited in protesting there in that way.. He felt sad for a while but there was no go for him..

By evening as usual there was the usual backlog, not a lesser one and at 5 PM, there was a call from the Boss.. He was soon out from the Boss' Chamber in 10 minutes and straightaway sat on his job.. No way of going home! The whole job got over only around 8 PM and quite tired, he moved out towards the Parking Area..

As he was taking out his vehicle, he was quite surprised to see in the semi darkness his friend’s vehicle at a distance.. No doubt, it was his only.. With all curiosity, he casually looked up at the distant building's top level facing the Parking Area.. 

A bright light was glowing there in a single room in the middle of the building which he could very easily identify without a mistake!!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. You are right, Indrani.. Ultimately the Boss indirectly dictates forever.. Thanks for the Comment!

  2. You are just awesome. Your thinking, writing, everything...:)

  3. Boss's word is always the final, more so if he is around.

    1. Very Rightly said, Somali.. And facing that situation alone is the actual work.. Thanks for the Comment!