Saturday, August 22, 2015


  • “My job is unending.. 
  • The people are constantly on my back.. 
  • The schedules are too tight.. 
  • I get up in the morning, I'm on my toes.. 
  • The phone rings continuously non stop.. 
  • Now a days, I'm closing the activities around 6 PM only.. 
  • Here sometimes, even Saturdays are not spared.. 
  • One task gets completed, the next one takes over.. 
  • It appears, two hands are not enough to do this.. 
  • And I have to plan a lot just to take some leave or time off.. 
If this continues like this, when do I do 'my own work?' I'm totally lost here.. I just forgot to discover myself in this process!”

were the constant murmurs from a young man..

Many friends and well-wishers gave various solutions..

  • “Try to adjust the Schedules through a process of optimization.." 
  • "Plan your activities well in advance.." 
  • "Cut down the time wastage everywhere.." 
  • "Buy physical help where it becomes essential.." 
  • "Delegate a few activities to your well-wishers.." 
  • "Try using the latest Gadgets available in the Market.." 
  • "Try to be smart.. Don’t aim at completing everything to the last point.." 
  • "Be firm.. Say 'No' when you have to say so.." 
  • "Relax.. Forget about all this for a while.." 
  • "Be realistic.. What do you do if some major thing slips from your hands? Take cool for a while.." 
The Wise Man asked.. 
  • “Dear! What happens, if you simply shut down all your activities for a day?” 
“What are you talking, Sir? How can I do that to my people?” 
  • “Can you straight away tell all your people that you are tight and you can find no more time for them?” 
“I can never do the so called half hearted Service here.. Instead, I don't mind struggling like this..”
  • “Can you in time shift over to some lower key activities in the field so that monies still flow in may be slightly at a lower level?” 
"The whole job is mine and I only developed this out of my great interest in this field.. How can I leave part of it now?"
  • "Can you plan a way of doing your work so that reading between the lines is done lightly?" 
“I don't want to be a novice in my Profession....” 
  • “Do you really love your present work?” 
"What are you saying? Long back, when 5 choices were in my front, I just ticked this Profession all the 5 times.. I am proud that am.....!”

The wise man smiled and said, 
  • “Dear! This Work is the Whole and Soul of your life, your Second Life and your's the Dearest.. For doing which 'Other Great Work' or 'Hobby' other than the routine, the essential and family involvement jobs, you need more time now? And what is that so called ‘Your Dear Work’ which you were missing very much all these days?”


  1. Got the point sir. Not realizing what we really want leads to the tendency to crib about what we do.

    1. Yes, Somali.. What we love alone ultimately we will be pursuing ourselves in our life leaving a little this way or that way.. Thanks for the nice Comment!