Friday, August 28, 2015


Indian Bloggers


Are you a Boon or Curse in our lives?
People say that you ease a man's life a lot but 
The same people again say that too much of you brings in lots of contempt.. 
Where exactly do you stand in this scenario? 

You mean to say..

'Have nothing of me in your life, you'll soon be nothing in your life but again have excess of me, you'll soon be nothing in no time, 
Keep off from me, you'll be desperate in your life but again love me beyond and embrace me, you'll soon be desperate in no time.. 
Stop giving importance to me, you'll be off from your well-wishers in your life but again give me too much of importance, you'll soon be away from your well-wishers in no time.. 
Try to venture making me zero by your side, you'll never become a real Hero in your life but again make me a mad Hero in your life you'll be made zero in no time..' 

What exactly is your stand here?  Ok.. Ok! I got it.. You are saying.. 

'Respect me, I give you many things in life such as.. 

Ease of living 
Quick acting 
Saving of time, money and energies, 
Being independent in living, 
Ease in fighting for your Rights, 
Bringing people close 
Finally certain peace of mind! 

But beware.. Try coming too close to me, 

Your histories will be out in no time 
Your popularity will be downgraded 
Your relationships become sour, 
Your peace of mind will get off from you 
Your personality will become nothing.. 
You will be made a laughing stock in front of all! 

Live in Peace dear.. 
Nothing is lost in your life if certain portion of me is kept untouched and the remaining alone is used.. 
And further remember 
Neither treat me as your bosom friend nor look at me as your enemy 
Treat me just 'As Is' to the level required 
through a judicious decision and leave me beyond 
I too like my freedom 
And I never want to be chained by you in the name of closeness!' 

OK, got it.. I'll follow that here afterwards.. 

Thank you familiarity! 
You are truly under my hold now 
You are too familiar to me!


  1. Message well conveyed. Good read.

    1. Thanks Indrani.. A few thoughts in this context!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Purba.. Hope the meaning in depth is easily understandable!

  3. wow... what reflection sir! Thanks for sharing.. :-)

    1. Some humble Presentation, Archana.. Happy to know that Eminent Bloggers like you liked it!

  4. eminent? sir - I will start floating and flying if you use such words for me :-) But thank you for your generosity as always... I am humbled Sreedhar sir :-)