Sunday, August 2, 2015


A young man had a series failures in his life.. Attempts 1, 2 and 3 and all failed in succession.. Partly because of his carelessness and partly because he believed beyond in wrong places.. Naturally in that situation, people around sympathized with him and advised him to be more careful in life..

But, unfortunately the entire Episode sent a wrong Message into the mind of the young man.. And it happens a few times in the minds of a few young who have plenty of time with them and no great Responsibilities attached there at that point of time..The youth in picture too was one such personality and soon a single thought firmed up in him.. 

'It's forever better to leave the worldly life and embrace Spirituality!' 

Having decided thus, one fine day he met an elderly well-wisher of his family who was a man of deep wisdom and said,

“Sir!  I'm getting vexed with the materialistic world around me.. Here, am constantly seeing dishonesty, cheating, grabbing and enjoying.. It's really sickening to see such an environment around.. 

Some times I strongly feel / believe that I should move to a Good Monastery, take up certain activities there supporting Spirituality and thus live my further life in Peace.. I feel that I can do this activity a 100% and there I would surely become better by leading such a life.. Sir, tell me.. Is that not a better choice for people like me? In fact, I am happy here that the evil around me had opened up my eyes to some extent to quickly move out of this confusion!”

The elderly looked at him, paused and just asked a question, 

“Dear! I have a doubt.. By joining a Monastery what are you planning to achieve ultimately in your life?”

“What Sir? I can do many.. I’ll start totally a new life there.. I work, make a living and try to live a serene life amidst Nature and God communicating Atmosphere.. That way, am sure it's much superior life!”

“My dear, let me tell you clearly one thing here.. All the evil presently you are seeing around you is basically in your mind itself and that one is corrupted beyond.. And if you join a Monastery with such a sick mind no doubt, you'll soon spoil the Serene Atmosphere there.. And am equally sure, no Head of a Monastery will admit a personality like you with this back up!”

“Sir! What are you saying?"

“Yes, dear! Out of vexation and escape mentality no one can become Philosophical in their lives! Presently, you are constantly seeing the bad around you and those thoughts alone are full in your mind.. Such a mind is a diseased or sick mind, I can say and that mind can never see the 'Good' existing in the people around and further can never appreciate the 'Beauty' of living this 'One' life happily with these people.. 
And do you believe that such a mind can establish in the 'Spiritual Life?' Never, I can say! 

The Sacred Path required to embrace Spirituality is forever filled with the Vibrant qualities like Courage, Service, Sacrifice and Patience.. If you sincerely look at these Great Qualities of life and the way you speak, you will find yourself millions of miles away from the Philosophical Path!” 

While departing, the elderly smiled and quipped, 

“Your mind having misguided you so far on the utopia of achievements in life, is further misguiding you to get off from the more important activities you have to do in your life at this stage by suggesting you the easy route of blaming the people at the earliest and escaping into a life of Pseudo Philosophy.. 

I can firmly say here that instead of people like you who run away from Reality and try to embrace this type of thinking at the earliest difficulty, an ordinary individual totally engrossed in his / her hard work at the busiest cross roads unmindful of the dust and noise around is truly a better Philosopher in his / her life!”


  1. Agree with you sir. My spiritual guru - Sadhguru says that one need not leave the material world to attain spirituality and wisdom, infact walking the spiritual path one can attain nirvana in life... :-)

    1. Rightly said, Archana.. We should never leave our Responsibilities to establish in Spirituality.. And through discharging our Responsibilities alone we can rise there.. Yes.. I know.. The Spiritual Guru - Sadhguru too had said the same!