Monday, August 24, 2015


The Engineer working in the Aircraft Manufacturing Company had his own problems and was unhappy for a while.. 

He was not given the very much expected Promotion that year and more than that there his own Colleague got it without much difficulty.. The Bosses too could not help him much in that Scenario, as they had to follow the Promotion Policy laid out by the Management based on certain specific factors..

“Relax for a while and don't take it too serious.. 

  • We'll try to give you an opportunity to visit one of the best Aircraft Companies in the world to have a first hand experience of what they are doing.........”
  • “We'll recommend you for the Award of 'The most Experienced Aircraft Engineer' with the Cash Prize based on the earlier Contributions you made.......”
  • “We'll send you for the latest Training in the prestigious Institute.......... and get you a Life Time Certificate.......” 
were the immediate consolation assurances from his Manager..

But none of those offers and suggestions could truly comfort him at that point of time.. Whatever be, a Promotion in time had its own dignity and no other provision could supplement that..

"My this Colleague will be drawing more salary and additional Perks of the new Grade given to him from next month onwards.. And equally he will be In-charge of......... I should simply be seeing all this for another year at the back of the unwanted sympathies from others hurting me in parallel!" 

was his constant pain at that point of time..

Having seen his Engineer unhappy thus the Manager rose to 
the occasion, advised him to take leave for a fortnight, go on a Holiday away from the known Environment and thus be off from his blues.. Soon, the Engineer too felt that as the ideal solution in the situation and decided to visit his distance Native Place which anyhow was pending since long time and thus forget the pestering issue for a while..

Accordingly, soon he took a fortnight leave and visited his distant native town in the remote area where his parents and the eldest brother stayed.. 

The very next day, he decided to venture out into the town on his brother's motor bike but the same needed some immediate repairs.. His brother advised him to take the vehicle to the nearest Garage in the same street where the Owner knew him well and the boys working there would be doing an excellent repair work.. Accordingly the Engineer took the vehicle there..

The Owner happened to be a pleasant man, he enquired about the Engineer and immediately assigned the repair job to one of his boys of 15-16 yrs of age.. The boy looking almost black all over due to the environment dirt on him instantly smiled showing his bright white teeth for a while and immediately started attending to the work in front..

It took about an hr, the boy completed the required repairs and handed over the vehicle to the Engineer in a neat condition saying, 

"Sir!  It's done in full.. You'll never face this problem here afterwards!" 

As the man was about to move from there making the payment of charges of repair, the young boy with a beaming face asked him, 

“Sir! I don't know exactly.. I'm asking you.. Are you the brother working in Planes Making Company in the city?"

When the Engineer nodded his head in affirmative with a smile, the boy instantly exclaimed, 

  • "Sir! How nice to see you here!  I'm really very happy.. You make such big, big Planes which fly so much high in the sky.. So wonderful to see them fly with no support.. I see daily one Plane flying above us.. I heard that some of them travel very fast.. 
  • Also we heard that in the sky they give food, play music and show pictures too.. And all these you only make.. A wonderful Personality you are.. Special by yourself!  You are Great for our Country.. I'm proud of you, Sir!”
The Engineer was suddenly up in spirits when he heard the great respect the boy carried for him in his heart.. He bid bye to the boy, finished his work and was soon back home but totally was in a different mood whistling aloud without his own knowledge..

Seeing his jovial mood, his brother who was knowing his earlier tension got surprised and asked him, 

"What happened to you suddenly, dear? You look so look different.."

The Engineer smiled and kept silence further..

But his mind was never silent but was on continuous run within.. So to say on the Right Run..

  • "Each Work carried out by the various Professionals around forever carries laurels in the eyes of my Country men and women who directly or indirectly are the beneficiaries of those Services as well directly or indirectly make their own small contributions put together towards the so called salaries and perks of all such Professionals..
  • In this context, whatever be the internal problems and petty politics of each Organization leaving all that at one stage, it becomes the primary duty of all these Professionals to look at themselves for a while and sincerely ascertain whether they have truly delivered what their country men and women from end to end expected of them to do so.. 
  • All the rest of the Achievements and Recognitions at Work however Great they may appear outward, always stay one step behind this Certain Contribution made with all sincerity meeting this Expectation at any point of time in our active life! And if I'm ready to do this to the best feasible, where are then my blues in the situation?"


  1. At time we are saddened by the lack of recognition by our superiors but we must prove them that we are equally competent...

    1. You are very much right.. We should never do less here.. Thanks for the Comment!

  2. What a mood uplifting post Sir! I was myself feeling little low on various issues, this post made my day! Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Indrani.. Happy to know that the Post conveyed certain meaning to our work life.. Best Wishes!

  3. That was a really good and an inspiring story!
    You indeed have a lot of wisdom to share. thanks :)

    1. Thanks Hargun.. For the appreciative Comment.. Best Wishes!

  4. Really a motivating post. None of us is incompetent and we should not feel low even if sometimes we don't get the recognition we deserve.... :-)

    1. Very rightly said, Maniparna.. A true Professional forever has his / her own value.. Thanks for the appreciation!

  5. so true sir... and if each one of us realises this... our happiness levels will be much higher :-)
    lovely read sir...

    1. Thanks Archana.. I'm happy you confirmed the right point here!