Friday, August 21, 2015


3 friends had a Get-together in one of their places to spend a Saturday Evening..

"I don't believe in the name of Get-togethers consuming all unhealthy foods and drinks.. These are the most unsafe practices of our life..

For a while let us care for our health and long life..

I've decided something for all of us.. Hope you agree for a day to be with me here.. Later, you yourself see the good in it, you only like this.. What do you say?" 

said the first friend..

"It's time to relax.. Why again some discipline here?  Let's eat what we like and enjoy our food.." 

murmured the second one..

"Occasional indulgence in anything is no great threat to health and safety.. Any how, we are in limits only! Why an extra discipline, once again here?" 

asked the third..

"I know you will not agree.. But bear with me for a day.. I've something for you.. One minute..

Yeah!  I'm back.. Listen.. You don’t know the good health effects of this one particular Herbal Element as part of our daily food.. This is a recent find.. It does its own Miracles where none of the other Elements of our daily consumption do the equivalent..

It's the best practice to make a habit of eating our daily food boiled with a few leaves of this Herb.. And it's a wonderful Element around compared to many of our daily consumed Products.."

"But there are equally, known foods too which are very good and highly nutritious..."

"No.. The recent find is...... This is the best item....... Many of our Elders knew this.. If you refer to History, you can find about the use of this Element.......

The saying goes, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away..’ I’d very much like to replace the Apple with this Element..

Leave all that.. Some time back, I had a problem and I was helpless for a while.. I tried some of the known remedies, but they all were not of much use.. At that point of time, some one told me about this Element and I decided to give a wild try..

Do you know? I could never believe myself and after the use of this one for 3 days, I found the real difference in me.. 

Anyhow, what Nature gives is forever the best.. This is so natural.. 
I wonder, why many of us don't use this Element liberally in our foods.. We all should make the habit of….....

The leaf may taste a bit bitter, but that should never put us off if we consider the immense good it does.. 

"But, we need some taste too in our foods....."

"Oh, Come On!  Don't worry about all those things for a day.. OK! The food is ready now.. My Cook has prepared the Special Soup for you with this herb.. ”

The friends soon were at the Dining Table spread out with various dishes with the Special Soup prepared out of the Wonder Herb kept separately in the Centre.. And soon, the same was served to all in shining white Porcelain Cups quite hot..

“Let’s just take it like a beverage, relax for a while and start our usual food subsequently as the wonderful Element starts working in us in parallel!”

As the weak looking friend took one single gulp of the specially prepared liquid, the next moment he looked frozen and coughed violently a few times.. Every one got panicked instantly and as they looked at him they were totally.........

Please click the Link below to know what happened further.. It's just only to keep up the suspense.. And equally very much sorry for the inconvenience!! 


  1. very intriguing sir,,, reading the next one right away... :-)

    1. Oh.. Thanks Archana.. The suspense lies there..