Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Finally the D-day had arrived.. It was totally an emotional Scene.. The daughter with her family who was there on a month's visit to her parent's place was leaving to far off lands.. The 2 year old grandchild who was actively playing and interacting with every one in the family all that one month too was going away.. The Grand Mom became very emotional imagining her separation from the Little Boy and decided to spend her entire time from morning of the day with the Little One alone..

It was finally, the time to move from home.. The emotions overshot and the entire joint family decided to go to Airport to see off the departing members.. On the way, the Grand Mom was continuously conversing with the child almost non-stop..

The members decided to stop on the way and have some snacks and tea.. Accordingly, they entered a good Restaurant and soon settled in their chairs for a while.. The Little One had his favorite Pizza piece and was sitting and eating it with his Grand Mom by his side and the Grand Mom was conversing.. Others were busy talking among themselves on some important topics..

“Dear! Chotu! You are going away now.. And from now onwards your Granny is alone.. I'm sad.. Nobody is with me hereafter!” 

said the Grand Mom with a sad face..

For a while, the child looked at her with a certain definite expression on his face which conveyd a meaning that he seemed to have understood something of what his Granny said.. There was a pause for few minutes.. The Grand Mom was just looking at him all along..

In that time, a man passed by in front of them busily talking on his cell phone..

The child suddenly exclaimed in his own broken words, “One Body!”

It was funny to see the Little One speaking thus joining ‘One’ and ‘Body'.. The Grand Mom was looking at him for a while, not knowing what actually the boy spoke..

The child was never less active.. 2 minutes passed, another man passed in front of them and the boy suddenly said aloud.. “2 Body!”

It was really thrilling to listen to the Little One as he spoke again those 2 words..

By then the Grand Mom could understand what the child was talking of.. She was simply mesmerized with his broken words and was looking at his face with an adoration in her heart..

The child looked around.. Instantly, many were seen moving around in distance..

He again with a broken accent so nicely started telling.. "3 Body".."4 Body".."5 Body"......."10 Body"... and continued till 20 as that was the last number known to him at that point of time and ended with the words.."Many Body!"

Listening to his continuous sweet broken words delivered without a stop, the Grand Mom simply burst into a loud laughter, instantly took the boy into her fold, hugged him tight and showered her unending kisses on the Little One for a while!

At some distance away on the Loud Speakers of the nearby Monastery, the closing remarks of the day's lengthy Discourse were heard thus..

"The Great Saint said, 'A thief escaping in a hurry from the house he robbed with his heavy bag of loot on his back chances to come across the lonely Little One of the family, the child just smiles at him seeing his funny Avatar and instantly feels joyful; nothing more..' That's truly the innocence of the Little Angels around us who truly can never differentiate between the concepts of 'mine' and 'not mine' except for basic self protection and survival which of course is in built into them and thus feel ever happy!"


  1. The innocence of a child is a bliss for the family, particularly for the grand parents. :-)

    1. Rightly said, Somali.. As usual, a very meaningful Comment on these Pages.. Thanks a lot!

  2. This is such a beautiful story. Loved it to the core. Thanks for sharing, Sir.

    1. Thanks Purba.. Your Posts too are very crisp and interesting.. Best Wishes!

  3. Such a sweet story. I can imagine the terrible feeling of missing this child by the grandmom.

    1. I understand that, Indrani.. I know those feelings too.. Thanks for a nice Comment here!

  4. Heart-touching...the grand-child actually found so many bodies so that grand-mom is not alone..innocence at it's best..wow post!

    1. That's great of you Roma.. Very well said.. Thanks for a valuable Comment on the Post!