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The Artist cum Narrator cum Presenter.. Let's call here afterwards, the Presenter for convenience was dancing to his own tune narrating the story.. 

"Lord Krishna decorated Himself with various types of costly Golden Jewelry on His body and is dancing with Shrimati Radha in the Group and the Nature around with the rattling sounds of Yamuna waters continuously flowing in the back is awestruck with the beauty of the Divine dance and the melody of the Divine tune of His Flute!"

Those Presentations, over a period of time started collecting good Audience increasing day by day.. The Presenter was greatly thrilled.. Naturally a certain worked-out interests came up in him..

"It appears that I've something special in me which is unique to me and is my own.. That's exactly the reason, why more and more people are interested in my Show as days pass.. Let me make use of this opportunity and make my presentation more interesting to the Audience.."

Soon that single not such a good thought produced its own series of highly self interested sub-thoughts of detailed plan of presenting the Original Sacred Love Story breaking down the same into bits and pieces of interesting sub Presentations..

No doubt the audience too had grown and it sure happens for sometime without a doubt.. But along with that the pride of the Presenter too had gone up without a say..

And equally nothing else too could halt that.. The scaling continued very fast in leaps and bounds.. Additional glitter and glamour was added there continuously for improving the Presentations..

No doubt the 'UP' can never be forever, there would sure be a limit there, soon that reached and on one of the evenings on those days, the Presenter presented his famous skills in the most circuitous way with a great pride, came home and slept happily contented..

The next day in the early morning hrs, there was a knock on the front door and as he opened the same, he saw a strange man standing at the door with a huge bundle on his back.. The stranger quickly entered the house closing the door behind him and said to the Presenter,

"Sir! I am a thief by profession.. Yesterday, I happened to listen to your Presentation where in you described every detail of my interest in gold ornaments.. I went to Brindavan immediately after your Presentation, saw Lord Krishna exactly with all the those ornaments on him dancing with Shrimati Radha in the Group.. 

I'm happy that you could describe that so exact to the point to point and piece by piece.. I stole all those ornaments and as according to my professional (un)ethics I should part half it to the man who gives me the info, I carried this bundle of your share here to leave with you.. The Cops are after me.. I've got to go now.. bye!"

The man was totally taken back with what he heard and shivering all over the body said aloud, 

"Hi! What are doing? I'm an honest man.. I don't want this stolen Booty.. Take this away immediately.. I never stole anything.. You stole somewhere and you are nicely passing it on to me.. You...." 

and started screaming at the thief..

"Why shout Sir? You only wanted more and more money all these days.. Take this too and add to your ambitious dream of acquiring max wealth.. I'm off now!"

saying thus the thief vanished just like that leaving the booty there..

Suddenly the man got up from sleep sweating all over his body and it took sometime for him to understand that it was just a dream, nothing happened to him, he was very much in his home safely with all the security around..

He was totally a relieved man instantly.. But soon he came to a certain attention and firmed up his mind.. He immediately offered his heart felt Prayer in front of Lord Krishna's Idol saying within himself aloud..

"Lord! You truly opened my eyes teaching me a lesson thru' this dream.. Your Love Story is forever the Sacred Love Story truly worthy of Worship in the hearts of the masses which conveys the Sublime Character of Love between two Souls where in the two individuals 
  • continuously respect each other, 
  • work for each other, 
  • safeguard the rights of each other,
  • would be ready to sacrifice for the sake of the other
and thus live through their one life given by You with all fullness..

Such Pure Love alone should constantly be upheld in this world for the ultimate purpose of union of Prakriti and Purusha for the good of the world and never It should be tampered..

Here afterwards I promise that I ever uphold the conveyance of this Original Sacred Message alone to the masses with the special skills bestowed on me by You and I never alter this Unique Message conveyed by you for the good of the world at any time in my life for my petty selfish gains!"

The Huge Radha Krishna Framed Photo hanging on the wall in the room was seen silently smiling at the Presenter all the time bestowing Blessings on him!

(The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Challenge #loveinspiration)

* Part of this story idea is based on what I heard in my childhood whose reference is unknown to me..


  1. Fascinating writing. Thanks for voting my blog in Indiblogger,Sir.

    1. Thanks Madam.. I'm happy that the Post is interesting.. Will try to bring out a few more in the coming days!

  2. beautifully penned with a much needed message!

    1. Thanks, Lataji.. Love the Comment very much!

  3. Wow.A lovely divine message Sir.Well written.Thanks for sharing.

    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Oh! That's nice of you, Sriram & Krithiga.. Happy to know that the Post conveyed the Message!

  4. The message is well conveyed through the story sir.

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    1. Thank you Maniparna.. Just a Conception in this context.. Happy you liked it!

  6. Hello Sir..i accidentally noticed your blog when you voted for one of my posts on ! i just read this story and must say its so wonderfully written..:) I loved the message you gave us through this story. keep writing and keep inspiring :) i am definitely adding u to my circle :)

    1. Hi Vinitha.. Happy to know that you loved reading my Blog Posts.. Thanks for leaving a nice meaningful Comment on the Blog Post.. Again thanks for adding me to your Circle..Best Wishes..