Tuesday, August 4, 2015


  • When the Mighty Elephant King Gajendra relaxing in his favorite waters was suddenly caught by a Huge Crocodile, the next moment the Powerful King found that all his Power, Strength and Stamina were nothing in the situation.. But not losing heart with a deep Devotion, as he instantly Prayed to Lord Vishnu in total surrender, the Lord the next moment moved from His Abode unprepared, reached the spot and relieved the Elephant King from the clutches of the Ferocious Crocodile..
  • Again, on an auspicious day when Sage Durvasa became angry with King Ambarish as the King partook a little of Offering made to Lord to end His Fast in time He released a Demon to attack the King.. Instantly, the Mighty Sudarshan Chakra followed the Sage and further to that none Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva including Lord Vishnu Himself could stop It.. Ultimately, when the Sage asked Pardon from the King, then alone the Mighty Weapon retreated from its attack..
  • And when Sage Durvasa cursed Jaya and Vijaya, the Gate Keepers of Vaikuntam to take birth on earth for stopping Him entering the Shrine, Lord Vishnu gave 2 options to them there.. Either 11 births as his Devotees or 3 births as His Haters.. Without a second thought, Jaya and Vijaya chose the shorter period of 3 births rather than keep away from their Lord thru' long 11 births!
    Thus go our Great Epic Stories constantly depicting the Powers of Prayers /Devotional Attitudes of Ardent Devotees of God where a total Surrender alone appeared to them the best solution for all the problems in front..

    The Almighty sure never lets down His Devotees, is ever happy whatever they Offer Him out of their Capacities with all humility and present themselves with their Limited in front 'AS IS' as through Sloka 26 Chapter 9 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna himself says stressing the point..

    Patram Puspam phalam toyam
    yo me bhktya prayacchati
    tad aham bhakty upahrtam
    asnami prayatatmanah

    'If one Offers Me with love and devotion (dedication) a leaf, a flower, a fruit or (even) water, I will (just) accept it (and Bless my devotee)!'


    1. Great post, Sir...a nice lesson here.... :-)

      1. Thanks Maniparna.. You Comment is valuable on these Pages!

    2. Sir,this is our favorite quote from Bhaghavad Gita.Thanks a lot for sharing.
      He who surrenders himself to the Lord with full faith will surely get the Bliss.Nothing can beat this eternal bliss.
      Draupadi when finally gave up all her efforts surrendered fully to Paramaatma.Krishna came to her rescue and turned her saree into a never-ending robe.
      Nice lesson.

      Sriram & Krithiga

      1. Very Rightly said Sriram & Krithiga..The Faith in Lord is our ultimate shield from all the turmoils of life.. Thanks for the well worded Comment!

    3. Such a valuable wisdom. Thanks for sharing, Sir.

      1. Thanks Purba for such a nice Comment on this Post!