Saturday, September 5, 2015


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A Unique Message on the eve of Sri Krishna Jayanthi..

"After the Kurukshetra war, the blind aged King Dhritarashtra, was visited by Yudhisthira, along with his brothers accompanied by Lord Sri Krishna.. 

Dhritarashtra, after congratulating the Pandava brothers for waging the Righteous War, wanted to embrace and bless them all.. When Bhima’s turn came up, Lord Krishna stopped him and signaled to the security personnel there to move an already made and kept steel statue of Bhima into the arms of Dhritarashtra.. The blind King embraced the statue but suddenly to the astonishment of everyone, with a one time great strength given to him through an earlier boon crushed the same into pieces.. 

Lord Krishna said, 

'The King had a hidden grudge on Bhima and carried a discrete revenge attitude towards him as Bhima directly killed his beloved son, Duryodhana.. I expected that to come up at this point of time and that’s the reason why I had made the arrangement of statue in place of Bhima!' 

All were surprised to know that such revenge was existing in King Dhritarashtra all these days but was never seen outside at any point of time earlier!"

A middle aged man narrated the story to a group of audience and concluded, 

“We should always try to foresee the impending danger in all our interactions with others before believing any one with us.. That's ever a safety precaution in our life.. The unfulfilled desires and hidden grudges around may suddenly work on people without notice of any one and may cause instant damages.......” 

An elderly wiseman all the while listening to the man's advice briefly interrupted him and said,

“Dear! With your kind permission, I wish to say something more in this context as the Epic Story here conveys equally a higher meaning too to our life..

If you recollect the earlier story to this incident, King Yudhisthira after the Righteous War decided to go there with his brothers to pay respects to the then Ruling Old King Dhritarastra and request him continue as King of Hasthinapura even though himself won the war.. Lord Krishna was knowing this decision of Yudhisthira in advance and okayed that in total.. But the Lord never left the matters there believing beyond.. He very much took the required essential care in this aspect in the very right time..

The bad around me is a fact in life and keeping myself alert all along is the primary duty with me in my life.. But, instead of totally doubting everywhere with an expected harm to myself, I should equally believe to a certain extent and start living a normal life too simultaneously adding the required care to my belief without fail.. This dual work is forever the duty with me in this life appropriately adjusting the quantum of beliefs and pre-care in right proportions depending on my position and the situation around.. 

Thus a care similar to what Lord Sri Krishna had taken for Pandava King Bhima in time is 100% required from my side in my life but equally that should never stop me extending a noble gesture from my side in anticipation of such dangers as the true purpose of one's life is forever to see as much as possible the 'Oneness' alone in Humanity and thus remain at Peace!"


  1. A great message there sir. This story is mainly told in context with Lord Krishna's anticipation of Dhritarashtra's behaviour, but the other context is equally good.

    1. Yes, Somali.. The whole Epic Mahabharat is just a Message to all on how to live a practical life amidst the usual surroundings never leaving the Path of Right actions.. It's the Original Reference Sacred Book for any one at any age.. Thanks for a good Comment here!

  2. A beautiful post, Sir. Thanks for sharing :)