Thursday, September 17, 2015


In initial stages, the untruth alone used to occupy the man's mind a 100%.. And there, the man too was equally happy with all that..

But soon a few happenings in the life around raised the man's doubts on following the untruth for his ultimate good.. And that was the 1st miracle in his life as the Truth could secure a small place in his mind along with the untruth.. 

Days moved on thus..

As usual, the untruth went on showing its
enchanting colors and mesmerizing effects to the man but then the Truth ever by the side was standing as the symbol negating all that thus keeping the man under check..

Days would have gone thus further but the man was a bit more fortunate there..That helped the Truth there to stress upon a bit more with an eternal question in him,

"How much is this untruth correct in all its sayings?"

That was indeed a big turn in the life of the man and the Truth in no time was more established in him with a sizable strength of questioning many things around..

The untruth soon sensed it's weakened position and quickly opened up its attractions more and more but under the influence of Truth, the man was not that much yielding and equally started questioning at many places where the untruth proposed..

The untruth by then saw the real danger for its existence and without a doubt leashed out an unimagined terror on the man..

The man, no doubt with the help of Truth was stronger by that time but still was not wiser and so straight away started attacking the untruth on the face of it directly..

That was the limit there and the untruth's anger knew no bounds, soon gathered all of its strength and showed to the man what it could do to him in the form of en masse damage if he did not listen to it..

The man was doubly angry..

"You are actually nothing by my side.. You exist because I nurtured you and brought you to this stage and you now try to attack me thus? I'll see your end.."

And sure he would have tried doing that had the Truth in time not awakened him saying, 

"What are doing? Have you forgotten that this is the game being played by untruth in provoking you so that it can easily end you from its side.. This is all its Master Plan!"

The man instantly got the message there thru' the 2nd miracle of his life else that would have been his end or yield.. Thus having become strong in a different style, he looked at the Truth..

The Truth was smiling..

"My Philosophy of life is stay by the side of untruth, never yield beyond but equally never oppose beyond.. Thus stay medium, I'll exist by your side and with this discipline you'll immediately survive as well as progress in this inevitable life!"

That was truly the hat-rick with the man.. He instantly took that message in the right spirit, looked at Truth with an awe and said, 

"You are wise and you truly opened up my eyes.. But the last doubt.. I may be living this life like this from now onwards.. But when do I start living with you in total?"

The Truth smiled and said, 

"This is the 3rd time you fortunately listened to me.. Now you are a different man and almost all by yourself.. Your further Right doings and Taking care of the needy ones by your side alone make you strong in your life to drive out this untruth as much as possible from you and giving more and more space for me.. But..."

"But then what?" 

 asked the man anxiously...

"Be calm and continue thus.. My 100% descending on you is never possible here with this mundane body and mind of yours by your side as they too are part of this untruth only.. So at least, do you now understand who am I?"

The man suddenly got a flash in his mind, instantly bowed down to Truth and said..

"I very much got You Oh, the All Benevolent! You are none other than the Lord of the Universe.. I Pray You Bestow your Eternal Blessings on me and further Guide me in this life here afterwards!"

And thus moved on the MAN's LIFE in this world with the ENQUIRY SPIRIT 'ON' eternally! 


  1. A long tussle followed by a final awakening. Nice read sir.

    1. You said it, Somali.. Happy over your nice Comment on these Pages!

  2. Definitely a great message and a pleasant read... :-)

    1. Thanks, Maniparna for the appreciative Comment!

  3. Wonderful message Sir.

    Sriram & Krithiga

    1. Thanks for such a good Comment Sriram & Krithiga!