Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Two gentlemen with two problems of theirs in their life visited on the same day at the same time a Great Saint in their town at His Ashram to find a solution to the peculiar problems they faced..

The Saint welcomed both of them and listened to their problems together with their permission.. After hearing, He gave a piece of advice to both of them on how to live a certain disciplined life in future and asked them to come back to Him after 3 months for assessing their progress in that direction.. The gentlemen happily left the place..

On the day the Master mentioned, the two re-visited Him at His Place.. One was happy and cheerful; the other as usual, was sad.. When asked how the disciplined life was going on, the sad looking man said,

  • “Sir, I've done my best here.. But, nothing helped.. I don't know, still my problem persists!” 
The cheerful man said,
  • “Sir! You opened up my eyes.. I could clearly see my mistake in this.. Now, there's no problem!” 
The Saint smiled, blessed them further advising them to continue that single discipline..

When they left, a disciple observing all that urged the Master to tell him what would have happened in the 2 cases..

The Saint smiled and said, 

“Dear! Our basic indiscipline within us along with a tendency to expand in our life beyond is basically our problem in life..
  • Here, the happy man, with my advice could see instantly this indiscipline with him as his real problem! Hence no problem existed for him at mental level subsequently except the physical aspects of life which any way have to be lived through by him.. He sincerely started addressing all of them whatever be with a smile and is ever doing the same but totally with a new vigor.. In that way, he is automatically disciplined and is ever cheerful!
  • The other man could not grasp this in depth and is continuously seeing his problem and his indiscipline as two different issues with him.. Thus, for him, the problem continued at the psychological level even though he became a 100% disciplined but only at the physical level.. This's the reason why he is still sad today as that discipline could only set right the issues with him at physical level leaving him totally untouched at the psychological level wherein the original craving for a superior feeling continued!
Of course here in both cases, I only told them to continue this further, that's all.. The cheerful man is lucky but the sad one has no go other than wait patiently for the dawn of this Unique Understanding within him!”

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