Wednesday, September 23, 2015


  • “'Money is everything.. Money truly speaks! If some one is unhappy, give more; he'll soon come to your line and in that way your work will be done.. No doubt, a good friendship is an asset but if that is not backed by money I very much doubt, how much that would be effective in an actual situation!' 
those were the thoughts and words of a highly worldly man and thorough enjoyer in life..
  • 'Always do good to people around and thus to the society at large.. See the worth of a man in his sincerity and honesty behind a work rather than the show in front.. Give importance to the feelings of people rather than presentations they bring.. And similar minded people, even if few in number are worth more than any amount of wealth on this earth! No doubt monies are required to lead a decent life but a good friendship is totally different from this..' 
thus used to reiterate a man of deep wisdom and Spiritual thinking..

It so happened that once, both these men ran into crises of a little serious nature and that way it's very much natural to happen..

  • The first man immediately called on the so called ‘friends’ and they too got into serious actions but all ‘typical actions’ only as the heart was never there.. And ultimately, all were more into impressing the man in distress rather than truly helping him out! 
  • The second gentleman too was attended only by a few but there was certain Order around him.. Thus, certain rehabilitation work went on with all sincerity and honesty at the back.. And that way, certain outcome too was there.. And finally, whatever was the result, all around mentally accepted that as the ultimate bestowed by the Lord!"
When the above story was told by an elderly wise man, a smart man asked him, 

"Sir! Here you just covered up a moral story alone.. In practice, none knows how people behave and react in situations thus.. That way seen, where is the guarantee that all this good friendship you propose will surely work? There too in a crisis, people may keep off to avoid unnecessary trouble.. And again in such a situation, a man with money may buy all that is required.. So how much you are correct in stressing all this?"

The elderly smiled and said, 

"Dear! It's not always that logical as you think except may be a few times.. Let me clarify to you here one thing..
  • Imagine, you visit a theater to see a popular mass movie and suppose in the middle of the show, the projector suddenly fails.. There'll be sure a big noise in the theater and the viewers will be impatient for a while.. Imagine by bad luck, one problem adds to another and thus there's more delay in rectification.. That sure would be the test of patience of the crowd in the theater.. They will be angry and lots of shouting and ugly scenes follow till the defect is rectified and the movie started..
  • Again, imagine you visit a Monastery where discourses are being given by a Great Saint regularly.. During the discourse, suppose the power fails for a while. There'll sure be total Order around.. The volunteers no doubt will be busy in switching on the Generator and if it has its starting problem, a few devotees would immediately offer help! If infants become restless, the mothers would be equally helped to comfort them.. All sure wait patiently till the power comes back.. And the discourse again thus resumes.. 
Tell me, dear! Why it happens so differently at these 2 places?"


  1. So true...everything depends on the perspective...

  2. true sir... it all depends upon us and the way we think! :-)