Monday, October 5, 2015


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The luxury car was pushing through the dense traffic.. The owner, one of the richest men of the town was in the back seat with an elderly well-wisher a man of wisdom.. The driver was driving very calmly least perturbed by the chaotic conditions on the road..
  • “Sir! I really wonder how this man keeps his cool with such a confusion around.. Few times I tried driving here, but was quite tensed up to watch out constantly for people and vehicles around.. It's a wonder for me to see this man doing his job with such an ease!”

commented the gentleman..
  • “Dear! The man at the wheel is more driven by his precious basic needs of life for which he is always short of money.. Unless he works, the money cannot be generated; not working alone but work with a competitive edge! If he does not do that way, you yourself fire him in no time.. 
  • But when you drive, you don’t have to satisfy that particular need for you.. So you tend to be more careful everywhere which in fact is good but it makes one nervous unless one is truly courageous.. May be you are failing there.. 
Here, it's a ‘No Go’ situation for your driver and as such, any nervousness in his case automatically takes a back seat!” 

said the well-wisher with a smile..

The gentleman looked around the inside of his car which was maintained in a neat and good condition and subsequently looked out through the closed window.. On the road side, a few people were buying and eating the stuff sold there unmindful of the dust and dirt around..

The gentleman said with an exclamation.. 
  • ”I am ever afraid to eat such stuff as I am sure I will fall sick the next moment I touch them.. How are these people able to stay healthy with such eating habits?” 
The well-wisher said, 
  • “Dear! They do not have monies like us to keep everything neat and clean.. With almost small finances at their disposal, they have to meet their essentials.. And you know, the hunger being the primary force, drives a man to any extent.. 
So here too it's a ‘No Go’ situation and creates its own minimum health and well being for these people!”

The gentleman looked at the well-wisher and said, 
  • “Sir! One more funny thing I constantly notice.. I always take my decisions and sign necessary papers etc at any time only after a thorough check.. But many times after doing this, I start doubting whether by chance I yielded to any unnecessary pressures.. 
  • An old lady known to us never has this type of problem.. She never does such actions whatever pressures are brought on her.. How is that she is so stubborn in such instances where as I am not?” 
The elderly smiled and quipped, 
  • “The elderly lady is really helpless in those matters as she has no knowledge of them and also never would be able to learn in that direction.. So the only way in front of her is to say firmly a ’NO’ when asked…
  • For you, the options are in front because you are sure of understanding the issues well.. So you surely get into the issues, but fear and memory always remind you constantly on the necessary safe guard.. 
Because of this only, you many times are feeling helpless here, where as the old lady knows clearly that it's a ‘No Go’ for her and that alone ultimately is creating the safety net for her in such matters!”


  1. You are so correct in your observations!

    1. Thanks Mridula for such a nice appreciation!

  2. Situations and our limitations decide how we end up behaving.
    A great compilation of various experiences.

    1. Thanks Indrani.. Your Comment is truly a feather cap to the Post!

  3. Astute and empathetic observations Sreedhar ji

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  4. Those are such amazing insights! Glad I dropped by :-)

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