Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The young man was very active in understanding certain aspects of work and life in general..

"He is quite a smart fellow!" 

Were the then Comments from his Seniors and Colleagues.. And the youth believed that beyond till on a day his purse was picked in a crowded City Bus with his ID, Driving License and a few ATM Cards lost along with the cash.. Further, he had to struggle too for a while to get back his Original documents/cards..

He was soon a man of mid thirties, a Manager at work and family man in personal life..

"He is the smartest Manager around.. None can be compared with him at his age!" 

Were the Comments in his work area..

“I don't look at these comments.. A few ups and downs have already taught me enough in my life.. They alone guide me now!" 

He thought and was managing issues with him well when on a day he was squarely blamed for lapses in his Project handling issues as few Rivals at work suddenly put him to a corner.. There was no go; He had to swallow all that but soon recovered and was active again..

The next 10 years passed.. He was then the Chief Manager at Work and a well known middle-aged Parent in the neighborhood..

"A Chief should be like that.. Never he neglects a single issue in front of him.. Real smart guy!

Were again the comments around..

“They may say anything.. But now, presently many work for me whose age is same as my years of experience in my work area.. The valuable experiences of life alone count here and they are ever the guide for me.. ”

Was his firm belief then and with that belief, he soon ventured into the Real Estate Field, carefully read every line of the Property Documents and booked a Villa in the city promoted by the Noted Builders when a serious Court Case had put the progress of the construction to a total halt indefinitely.. Having thus lost some Investment, he shelved the idea of his Dream Project and settled with a smaller flat..

No doubt, the years rolled by and he was the then grey haired man of 55 years..

“They say that it's the man that brings dignity to the GM's Post.. Our GM Sir is exactly that.. The smartest man in life!" 

Were soon the praises around..

"Forget all this talk.. Real maturity in life comes with the actual greying of hair alone and now I'm of that age.. And this never comes unless one lives through almost the entire life necessarily failing a few times!" 

Was his assertion when suddenly on a day the Partner of his Firm had out-smarted others who in no time lost 'Big Monies' and it quickly boiled down to the point that the then GM was careless in his approach for that to happen.. Thus the man was straight away asked to resign and go..

Soon he joined as the GM of another Company but with low profile and retired from there in a few years.. The real matured man was finally at home having the whole bunch of experiences of life in the field of Employment, on Family Problems, in Money Matters and in other Personal Issues with him ready to advise all, of course with a 'tailpiece' added every time, 

“My experience in life itself is almost double the ages of many young men and women around me and as such I can assertively say this..

In this life, invariably there's always a smart man next to you without an exception.. Whatever care you may take, you'll sure be followed up from the other end and at times, may be overpowered without your own knowledge.. 

Hence an ever good discipline here is.. Be ready to doubt those your own capabilities in front of these smarter people and thus constantly 'Be on Guard' every where.. Further at any point of time, venturing in steps alone is the right way so that any unforeseen loss will never become a crippling catastrophe in your life!”


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  2. I got some of this for sure! But there is more that I don't understand as well!

    1. I understand that, Mridula.. The point I stressed all along is whatever be my experience in life, there are moments in life that I may be diverted/misguided for a while.. In a funny way, I narrated that happening! Thanks for the good Comment on this Post!