Friday, October 16, 2015


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A man visited a Monastery, bowed to the Head and asked thus, 

“Reverend Sir! It is said in our Scriptures that God sends TIMELY HELP to every one of us.. I do not see such HELP around me at any time neither for me nor for someone.. Does it mean that the Scriptures say wrong?"

The Head smiled and silently asked him to follow to the terrace of the building from where the man could clearly see the outside main road with various vehicles busily speeding, the opposite shops and people moving around on their own works.. The Master asked the man to sit for a while and observe the happenings there..

  • As traffic moved on, a young man in haste cut across the road to cross the same but could not complete the move in time.. The next moment, he faced the wrath of the vehicle drivers who instantly shouted at him pointing out his glaring mistake and the young man had no go but to say  a big ‘Sorry’ to them and retreat.. 
  • Soon, a High School student made a mistake in respect of Traffic Rules.. An elder next to him instantly instructed on how to adhere to the very Rules from his own safety point of view and thus taught him  a 'Right Lesson' in time..
  • A very old man, was trying his best to cross the road.. A young lady saw him, immediately came forward, helped him and made him cross the road.. The vehicle drivers too waited patiently for them to walk across.. 
  • A child walking with his mother to a side, suddenly ran towards the traffic in a playful mode and the mother cried aloud.. A young man, shot across to the point, pulled the child in the nick of moment and brought him to the side.. The vehicle drivers taken a back by the happening, instantly became alert and a few without an exception advised the mother to be extra careful and thus moved on..

The Head looked at the man and asked, 

“Is your doubt clear now?” 

But the man looked at Him still with a doubt seen on his face.. The Great Man smiled and said, 

“Dear!  Here, you might have observed 4 incidents around you in a short time.. 

  • In the 1st case, the capable young man who thought he could do the job easily had to face the wrath of drivers on road when he erred and thus had learnt a lesson instantly.. Here the HELP from God was there to teach the RIGHT through the shouting from others..
  • In the 2nd case, the adolescent boy no doubt needed further guidance and support and that HELP had reached him in time thru' the elder next to him who rose to the occasion and taught him in time the RIGHT..
  • In the 3rd case, the very old man truly needed HELP but he never left what was possible for him and behind the sincerity got that instantly through the voluntary service of the young lady who felt proud of doing such noble RIGHT work.. Rest too, waited for her to complete the job and thus helped the man cross the road.. 
  • The last was totally a case of innocence and helplessness.. Here, the HELP was instantly by the side through the presence of mind of the young man.. Rest of the people on the road were all just in praise for the noble cause with their own advice for the mother and thus equally every one did their RIGHT part there..

Dear!  We all belong to God's Creation and this concept of HELPING EACH OTHER  for DOING THE RIGHT or GETTING THE RIGHT DONE is very much built into our very Creation.. Thus, the HELP from God is ever by our side both in correcting the erring person and assisting the obeying person towards the ULTIMATE RIGHT; no further doubt here!" 


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    1. Thanks Indrani.. The facts of life alone are brought out here as Examples!

  2. You said it Sreedhar ji.... We don't recognise the silent help we get

    1. Rightly said Lataji.. Many incidents around us just go unnoticed without our own knowledge as we busy ourselves in the so called our limited life for which there's no end.. It's very much required to take a certain time off from our busy activities and observe around with an extra attention in fact called as the right attention.. Many Realities would then be seen crystal clear.. And this extra time is with me the moment I'm keen in this direction to observe and thus improve the quality of my living on this earth.. Else routine alone ends me for this life!