Sunday, November 8, 2015


There was a course of action in front of a man and he had to act.. He was confident of the right action and accordingly was into it..

A Well-wisher and a man of wisdom monitoring some of his actions just said, 

“Dear! Why don’t you go a bit slow and be softer in your actions?  Presently you are rushing through with a great thrust to do the best.. Remember, slow is the way here!”

The man was taken a back by the comment as he felt that he was just doing the right.. But since he truly believed in the Well-wisher's saying, simply started doing according to what the elderly had said thus very much concurring with his advice.. A few months passed..

Contrary to what he said earlier, the Well-wisher at that time advised him, 

“Why don’t you be a bit faster in your actions? You are not doing good by slowing down!”

The man got offended instantly as he was never shown the required way by the so called wise man but was only pointed out in both types of his actions..

Seeing his dilemma, the Well-wisher smiled and said, 

Dear! Related to our actions, the people around us are always important in respect of the attention they deserve from us at any particular moment..  
  • In your earlier actions, pity overtook you towards the affected and accordingly you started working more towards them which resulted in pampering them equally denying the required attention to others who needed that at that moment.. That’s why I told you to go slow there, divert that extra effort and give where required..
  • But that had put you in another slot instantly where in you started going more slow on the actions required for the affected.. Here they missed some of your attention and that was again given to the ones not deserved to receive at that point of time.. That’s why I had to warn you again to pick up the pace!”
While concluding the gentleman said, 

“Our actions forever are tainted with our emotions however sure we may be and in all such cases, we will necessarily be deviating from the Right.. Here,at any time to know the exact Right is humanly impossible for the one who proceeds acting based on such emotions towards the Cause.. 

In all such instances, an outsider of more wisdom would be a better reference as his/her emotions for the same Cause many times would be quite less and different and thus he/she would be able to see the the same issue from a different angle.. In this way alone once in a way, of course not constantly, getting evaluated by a third party of a certain depth of perception and acting according to that is at times definitely a much safer way of living for anyone instead of totally deciding everything by himself/herself!”

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