Wednesday, November 11, 2015


“Having bought such a Special Unique Apartment in my locality, I was very much interested in furnishing the same with the best Interiors available in the Market.. The Special Designs from the World Market are ordered and as per the Artist’s Advice are laid in the most Aesthetic way so that any one who for the first time enters my Apartment will simply say, 'WOW' and nothing less of it at anytime..

One of the Classic Items I had gone for is this Dining Table Set.. Got it out of a few imported stuff sold in the famous Interior Sellers’ Store and got it positioned in the Dining Area.. Of course, the family equally wanted the finest Dinner Set and Tableware for the same.. Here, I had gone through many models of Crockery and I was never satisfied with the locally sold items including those claimed to be imported.. How can you serve food to a Guest in a normal Crockery on a Classic Dining Table with such Special Interiors around decorated so aesthetically?

Last year, I was on a Holiday abroad and there I visited……… where I heard the best Crockery and Decorative Sets are sold.. I purchased all those Special Items of the Tableware from one of the Sophisticated Shops there and brought them here........... 

Come, we'll have our Lunch now.. The Cook had taken Special Care to prepare your the most liked items.. As the family is away, I asked him to do some cooking for the night also and go as he wanted Leave for half a day.. Everything is ready and today, we will serve Lunch by ourselves.. I gave half day Leave for the boys too who help in serving and keeping the kitchen clean.. So, today, we are all by ourselves..

I'm sorry..  How many times I told these boys to do extra cleaning of these Special Crockery, Soup Bowls and the Glasses and keep them ready?  It appears, they haven't done that.. I should have a word with them tomorrow…. Don’t worry, please do sit, I am cleaning a bit and bringing all these items.. For a day, let me do this..”

In the next five minutes, it was nothing but the rattling sounds of cleaning the Special Porcelain Crockery and Glasses in the Sink with the Special Cleaning Agent available in the Market followed by washing with water and drying up.. Suddenly, a big thud was heard followed by the shrilling sounds of the Crockery and Glassware touching the hard kitchen floor falling off from the inexperienced hands and breaking into a hundred pieces at one stroke thrown all round to every Corner.. The Costliest Special Dining Set instantly had its Chapter closed thus permanently forever!

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