Thursday, December 24, 2015


'What's this? Why is it like this?'

I put these questions when something interesting was found near by..
No doubt, got the answer but here my wish alone was fulfilled; nothing more happened!

'If you put your questions in the field of demand, you'll make an earning..' some one said..
Soon I had to do that and I did, the change was a fact and I became better!

'Had you put these questions with more devotion, you could have made fortunes by this time!' again said the one next to me..
That again motivated me, I did so and the change was a fact as soon I became much, much better! 

I continued that never thinking further, I was better off everywhere around 
But deep within there was a vacuum I found that never got filled in! 

There, none around had an answer so easily and I was left to myself with an assumption that it was a passing phase of life with an additional advice from few that diversion in the direction of suitable worldly interest will sure fill that vacuum.. 

But that never deterred me from the pursuit as going back to anything of worldly interest was soon found something that'll never fill this unique vacuum within.. 

'What's this? Why is it like this?' 

Thus again continued the questioning with more vigor but this time, entirely in a new direction.. 
Whether I found the answer or not is not the point here as that answer itself happened to be Part of the Questioner.. 

May be, the answer is in distance or 
May be, it'll never be found in this life but
Anyhow, that's immaterial as
The turn itself was truly the beginning of 
A new Chapter in my life..
As that pursuit itself appeared 
The great happiness of my life wherein
It firmed up 
One single belief within..

That the Almighty Exists and 
He alone is The Ultimate!


  1. The last two lines are so elevating! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Madam for such a nice appreciative comment!