Friday, January 15, 2016


It was ascertained from times immemorial that a Particular Method of Working/Living would bring in Certain Fixed Results.. But people equally questioned this rationalization, as sometimes there would be no logical explanation to co-relate Happenings with the Effort put in and many times to the point of Exactness too as ascertained thru' the same logic!
  • Like the logical saying that if a man walks at the speed of 5 km per hr, he reaches his destination of 2.5 km in half hr but to affirm that he 100% reaches his destination is a million dollar question ever hanging on us!
A few people with such a doubt once had approached a Great Master to get a clarification.. The Master said, 

“It is a fact that when you perceive yourself as limited, all around you too exactly appear to be working with a perfect reasoning depicting there a definite Cause and Effect pattern and no other equation is seen having a place there.. A feeling that I do, I achieve, I satisfy myself and I experience will forever make one perceive this Cause and Effect alone in his/her life..

But there are equally Infinite number of happenings in Nature which go through again an Infinite number of processes and procedures that can never be deciphered and quantified at any time through the limited human mind experiences.. And that's exactly where our Mother Nature with Her own Beauty of Wilderness simply exists As Is around us..

This concept of Infinity with respect to Nature and Universe can never be grasped by human mind through any amount of rationalization and reasoning.. And exactly, here alone fits in the concept of Faith that exists in Human Being..

This Faith in an individual is nothing but his/her own Spiritual Level of Understanding.. This Elevation in an individual in his/her life which can never be quantified in numbers does its own Wonders indirectly which hither to no other imposed self disciplines could bring in.. And here each individual becomes Unique by himself/herself or we can say that that Personality is Unique..

Experience of Divinity or Oneness in the Universe too is a phenomenon related to this Faith as such an experience is ever away from the ordinary rationalization and reasoning.. Here, each individual is full with his/her own Faith or Belief, IT cannot be shaken up once established and IT would forever be moving UP constantly towards the Ultimate

Such a Great Faith alone brings in the Greatest Wonders to the world and the Great Men of the world too could do a Yeoman Service to humanity through such Faith..

And all these Programs again, would be part of Nature with time when certain Order suffers and dis-order prevails and leveling becomes an important activity as Sloka 7 Chapter 4 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita ever reiterates this..

yadayadaahi dharmsya 
glanir bhavati bhaarata;
Abhyuttham adharmasya 
tadaatmaanam srijaamyaham!

Whenever there is decline of righteousness, O Arjuna and rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest myself (on the Earth)!"                  


  1. beautiful post sir.. and I swear by this shloka from the Gita... thank you for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks Archana for such an appreciative Comment.. That's the exact reason such posts I label under 'Life and Beyond' title!

    2. Thanks too for sharing the Post on Google+!

  2. I have been hearing & reciting this shloka since childhood. It was a part of our school prayer. And also while watching the 'Mahabharata' on TV we unconsciously memorized all the shlokas. But hardly ever thought of searching for its meaning. You have explained it so beautifully. Such a pleasure reading it :)

    1. Thank you very much, Garima.. Such a lovely comment on the Post.. Reasoning no doubt is to be established every where and believing blindly is to be avoided and this sure is our parallel duty here.. But True Faith forever goes beyond all this as That Sacred Entity is nothing but the Universal Love and Oneness alone where the very Reasoning gets sublimated! May be difficult to narrate but in the Words of the Great Saint, it is like..'A Salt Doll going down the Sea to know it's depth and in the process gets dissolved, merges with the very salt water of Sea and finally there is just One Sea alone!'