Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The Great Saint had said..

A Professional farmer after a hard day’s work in the field,
  • Keeps a load on the head and starts walking back home a few miles away.. 
  • On the way, he purchases some sugar cane and starts chewing the same as he walks.. 
  • In the middle, he joins others for a while to watch a wrestling match going on..
  • During the tense moments, he holds tight and the next moment starts clapping hard screaming aloud for the expected winning shots thus enjoying his evening totally unmindful of the day’s hard labor, load on his head and sugar cane in his mouth!
A Weakling on the other hand,
  • Just collapses the moment a small load is kept on his head! 

Thus seen..
  1. The Mature Professionals forever function in the well known areas; the Immature half-learnt too do so all along sheltering themselves in the shadow of such capable people alone!
  2. The Mature Professionals alone make the Original Foundations for all that smooth functioning around; the Immature half-learnt invariably living on such foundations firmly claim their success a 100%! 
  3. The Mature Professionals ever carry an umbrella for sun and rain; the Immature half-learnt too carry one with them which many times fails to open in the right time! 
  4. The Mature Professionals always test first and then believe; the Immature half-learnt straight away believe and of course, soon will be tested to the core without a say! 
  5. The Mature Professionals are ever careful in their firm footing; the Immature half-learnt too are careful there but only in their style of footing! 
  6. The Mature Professionals many a time boldly drive through exigencies; the Immature half-learnt too do the same but but forever into the exigencies alone! 
  7. The Mature Professionals forever drive people around them on essential works; the Immature half-learnt are invariably driven by a few smarter ones all along their life! 
  8. The Mature Professionals can handle a Multi Task Program with a simple smile on their face; the Immature half-learnt are just too confused with a single task in front! 
  9. The Mature Professionals relax themselves with their own dedicated work; the Immature half-learnt allot a special time slot for such relaxation invariably criticizing their work related issues in that period! 
  10. The Mature Professionals meticulously plan for a life time and live for the day; the Immature half-learnt plan for a day and expect that to last for a life time! 
  11. The Mature Professionals bring out many more such Professionals behind them in the long run; the Immature half-learnt are just left out with a handful of dumped elements around in no time! 
  12. God would be smiling as the Mature Professionals get into their work since they truly form part of His Program for the Universe; no doubt, the Satan would be laughing as the Immature half-learnt get into similar works!


  1. Complex things are made simple by your wonderful analysis here, Sir... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. A few insightful thoughts in this direction!

  2. only a matured person can make this analysis...

    1. That's great of you Jyotirmoy.. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Wonderful analysis.
    Tanks for sharing your wise observations.

    1. That's so nice of you Indrani.. A good comment on these Pages!