Wednesday, March 23, 2016


For the Capable, failure is never a sad situation. They instantly acknowledge that and get into the required corrective action steadily. The Incapable frown at failure the moment it surfaces and in a short time get beaten black and blue beyond through its effect. 

The Capable well know that when they are through failure, it gives them nothing to hand and they have no option there other than depend on themselves. The Incapable straight away fall flat under the effect of failure and cry for help endlessly. 

The Capable very well know that if they are unhappy beyond a limit, the failure makes them loners soon. The Incapable on the other hand, expect too much sympathy from others in a failure situation and attract ultimate shunning everywhere. 

The Capable listen to the heart beat first and then only assess the extent of damage in a failure state to work for recovery. The Incapable invariably check there only the superficial every time missing the vital and thus end up in too many confusions. 

The Capable take care of the inside thoroughly and then only work outside during the rectification process in a failure state. The Incapable on the other hand concentrate more on the outside improvement in such a state taking light of the core and face the next failure of certain in no time. 

The Capable try to turn each failure into a cost effective tonic of learning in life there by safeguarding themselves everywhere. The Incapable without a say see each of those as a bitter medicine to be swallowed with no way to escape.

The Capable quickly learn max through few failures and in a short time develop patience and perseverance in their life. The Incapable will never learn such lessons even in a life time and cry foul much louder at each failure. 

The Capable know that a failure is their own make as they only wished for the seemingly possible but not guaranteed and thus take up that heroically. The Incapable every time blame the rest of the world for their misery and thus get into a habit of venting out their anger endlessly.

The Capable thus firm up and take every failure as a stepping stone to their success. The Incapable invariably feel all failures as crushing stones on them and would soon be bearing all that load eternally.

Moving thus ahead in their life, the Capable ultimately control every failure that comes up to them and streamline their life without a single exception.. Where as, a single failure itself quickly over powers the Incapable and lets them down permanently for a life time!


  1. Bang on sir! Very apt definitions!

    1. That's truly a big appreciation, Archana.. Thanks for the comment!

  2. liked it a lot. well organized article.

  3. So right! Each attribute so well described.

    1. That's truly great of you to say so Indrani.. Thanks for the comment!