Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The Little Boy staying abroad was back to his native city on vacation along with his parents.

The next day was a little cloudy and as the boy and his mom ventured out along with the boy's grand father, it soon started raining cats and dogs. And the kid who never experienced such heavy rains at his place was no doubt excited beyond.

The family finished their outing towards evening, hired a 3 wheeler and was on their way back home.

The traffic was thick, the movement of the vehicles was slow and the rain started pouring too heavily. The boy was seated in the middle of 3 wheeler with the mom and grandpa sitting on either side.

Soon the vehicle was almost at dead slow speed, with pools of water spread out on the road with the day light sufficiently dimmed out and the intermittent lightening and thunders following at the back of blinding flashes and roaring sounds.. And the boy's joy and excitement was beyond any one's guess..

That was the time when nothing could stop him from coming in direct contact with Nature as is and it was too interesting for him to watch all that happening around. And just then one more happening there had added to the boy's excitement making it a 100%!

As the traffic got a bit respite from slow movement, the 3 wheeler pulled on instantly but an impatient vehicle behind too pulled on having decided to overtake the 3 wheeler in front on the left side. In the process, as that vehicle entered deep waters there at max speed, all that muddy and cold waters around instantly splashed profusely straight on to the inmates of the open 3 wheeler to the surprise of every one..

The driver got enraged seeing the plight of his passengers plus himself and was about to raise his speed to over take the culprit vehicle in front and scream at it's driver for the nuisance he caused adding further misery to the already partly wet inmates with so much mud landing straight on every one without an exception..

Had it not been to the Little Kid's simultaneous greater screaming saying... "Hiiiiiiiiii......." with a total excitement clearly seen on his face under the flashing head lights of the on-coming vehicles with all that dirt and what not on the road straight away bathing him whole and soul profusely!

And as the grandpa and the mom looked at the boy, no doubt to say.. He was in his own world totally lost himself to Mother Nature's fury by his side!

As the vacation got over, the boy was back to his place with his parents, no doubt to the place where the life is different, movements are different and culture too is different and soon started going to his favorite parks and play areas around once again totally getting engrossed himself seeing all those beautiful flowers, green grass and other aspects of Nature around him..

The innocent Little boy thus could never, never distinguish Mother Nature with him wherever he met Her and in whatever shape She embraced him and caressed him showering her unending blessings except getting lost to Her all along with a never failing fun and learning interest which She every time acknowledged and simultaneously taught him the required in the situation with all love!


  1. Beautiful sir! Lovely pics too 😊

    1. Thanks Archana for the appreciation.. They are the pictures of Amsterdam!