Monday, April 18, 2016


"I want that one!" the child started crying showing a big play item in the Shop.

"Nothing doing. It's too costly. We can't afford all those things. If you want, I'll buy you the cheaper..... Now come, let's go! " saying thus, the mom quickly put him in the car and brought home.

The grand father opened the door and seeing him the child burst into a big cry tears rolling down his pink cheeks profusely.

"What's the matter?" he asked the daughter.

"This boy is becoming too adamant. Dad! Don't yield to his fake cries. You should be strict!" saying thus the daughter narrated the trouble the boy gave her.

"Don't worry dear! I'll not do that but I'll only listen to him for a while!" saying thus he took his grand son nearer saying, "Dear! Eat your food now.. After that, we'll go to our park. And I promise I'll buy what you want!"

The little kid became happy with the promise, instantly finished eating his food and followed his grandpa to the Park brightening up his spirits. Soon the two were below two big trees there. The grandpa said,

"Dear! Look.. There are two trees here. One has big leaves and the other small. For a bigger toy which costs more, we have to collect 100 fallen big leaves. And for a smaller toy which costs less we have to collect 100 fallen smaller leaves.. Ok?"

The boy nodded his head happily and soon got into the job along with his grandpa and in a certain time they collected all those fallen leaves. The boy slowly counted all and said aloud, "Grandpa! There are 5 big leaves and 18 small!"


The grandpa patted him and they returned home with the collection to try their luck for the next day.

"Grandpa is buying me that.... " announcing proudly to his mom, the boy was soon back to his usual.

The daughter got astonished a bit and looked at her dad with a doubt.

"Yes, dear! It's true as as well as it's not! More than that, our little boy has a task now with him. When fulfilled, he'll get what he wants!" smiled the elderly man narrating her what they had done and what he promised the child. He further continued,

"Dear! It's ever our duty to listen to our child in full. You may enforce your rule by being strict with him because as parents you are too much burdened and tired beyond to do any extra here, but I being the man with certain time can always help you out in this.

As bigger leaves are shed slower compared to the smaller ones, our child has got an indirect learning now that he has to wait more time for buying the costlier items where as the cheaper options will be possible immediately. He sure knows now that there's a way of getting the costlier items if he wants them.. Viz., Wait for a longer time and work for that daily.

It's a direct learning of fundamentals of Economics with us and our little one is subtly put into that thinking from now onwards..

I'm sure, the boy's attention soon gets diverted and he'll back to his discipline. Whatever it be, my soft teaching here is surely going to help him in the long run to be happy only with what we can give here out of our total love for him and nothing more!"