Sunday, May 1, 2016


"I expect you to enter here through your honest work alone. Why don't you check yourself well on that before coming to Me?" 
was the subtle reminder from the Lord as I entered the Temple Premises..

“Whatever Worship you may do here unless you give a place to the next man in your heart, all carries no great value. Why don't you again check yourself on that before start doing these?" 
was a gentle question from Him as I started doing my Pradakshinas round the Idol..

“Have you given sufficient provision for the unexpected and be ever ready with extra care as you get into your daily activities or are you living your life just closing your eyes?” 
was another question from the Almighty as I sat on the floor and started the Prayer closing my eyes..

“Taking care of body through proper care, discipline and good habits is more important to me than this Prayer. Hope you are keeping the Temple of yours too clean simultaneously!”
was again the silent reminder from Him as I completed my Prayer.. 

“How much you differ when you think, talk and act? Hope you are constantly trying to reduce the difference between these 3 too as you live through your life!”
was the check-back from the God as I got up and rang the Sacred Bell 3 times..

“I have given you originally a Rose Garden (Environment) to freely move, feel the freshness and fragrance around and thus feel cool containing yourself as much as possible. How much extra shining is My Garden today thru' your past contributions?” 
was the follow-up enquiry from the Lord as I was taking the Aarti..

“You can forever, reach me through contentment, happiness, perseverance and smile alone. Are you equally allowing these flow in you liberally by keeping off your comparisons, frowning, hopelessness and sad face?”
was one more question from the Almighty as I was taking the Theertham offered.. 

“There is no place in your heart for blind beliefs, politics, display of wealth when you daily come here.. Hope you are making efforts to free yourself of these ideas by saluting to this Reality first!”
was again a check from Him as I bowed down to offer my Salutations.. 

“Time never stops and changes do come. Hope you have not left a bit from your side, for the ‘New’ to come out freely and Express around so that what I plan good to the world will be well implemented!” 
was one more gentle reminder from the Almighty as I started leaving the Place..

“I am ever next to you when you thus live through this entire discipline. Not attempting to do all this, are you blindly going round and round the Worshiping Places and Pilgrimage Centers thinking that.. That's all is to be done in life?”
was the final query from the Almighty at the back of a subtle Smile as I came out of the Temple Premises!

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  1. Interesting perspective of looking at worship, left me thinking.

    1. Thanks Priyanka for the appreciative comment on the Post!

  2. The different side of spirituality.. .Indeed a WOW post!!!

    1. Thanks Sneh.. Happy to have such a good comment on these Pages!

  3. You are a saint, I think. I am a mere feeble human being before you.

    1. It's just a bout of intuition within Tomichan and nothing more than that.. And as a Blogger I presented the same here on these Pages.. Thanks for such a nice comment!

  4. Dear Sreedhar Sir, I loved your title, the perspective and indeed this is the truth which all mortals must know - "Whatever Worship you may do here unless you give a place to the next man in your heart, all carries no great value."

    1. Oh.. It's so nice you to say so Jyotika.. Truly an appreciative comment on the Post.. You rightly got the Message in the Post.. Thanks for leaving a good and explanatory comment here!