Saturday, April 23, 2016


But 3 nefarious attitudes of mine that quickly make me lose this precious gift are

Sometimes myself being ready to sell it off for a throw away price to have petty gains and strangely at times freely too whereas at all other times so meticulously balancing the give and take in every exchange..

Constantly boasting myself saying that freedom is my birth right and in the very process auctioning it off in the fastest way which later I sure have to struggle for a life time to get back!

Living like a man who with a problem visits an Expert to set himself free but thru' the same process gets into the never ending problem of going round Experts and thus eternally forego my ever loved freedom for a life time!

Where as the 5 valuable traits of mine that eternally save me from losing this precious gift are

Never to retaliate but to pardon in a situation forever remembering that retaliation is the sure way of losing my precious freedom and pardoning alone is the right way of securing the Jewel intact with me!

Ever remembering that my freedom stays with me only when I quickly get into the action part of a Moment leaving the questioning part of it!

Ever believing the fact that discussions never set me free; instead they often chain me more and a dedicated enquiry alone truly does that!

Strongly firming up on the attitude of ever getting off by saying in the right time 'ONE MINUTE PLEASE’, that surely rescues me from further getting into an ugly argument which sure limits my freedom eternally!

Believing firmly in the fact that true self help sure secures me many things in life the number one of that being my 100% freedom intact!

Here, the single aim I should ever recollect which truly saves me whenever my this precious freedom appears to be being pawned off is

At the fag end of my life, I should never repent that throughout my life I lived caring for some ideas / views which would not have mattered at all but lost my valuable freedom in that process!


  1. Very valuable and useful thoughts.
    It may serve as a self examination eye-opener for many.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for such a Great Comment on the Post.. Love the same!