Thursday, April 14, 2016


In the beginning, man decided to live sharing a shelter with his next one making use of the available facilities around equally..

“Since I'm an Expert, help me out daily and I‘ll maintain the whole area in trim condition for both of us!"
suggested the man..

“In such a situation over a period of time, I’ll just become a working person for you taking Orders from you. I don't want to do that when we have no such prior obligation and remain equal!”
asserted the next one..

“OK, since I've the Expertise, I’ll help out in all the works that need my Expertise and you can take up the remaining works and in that way we'll almost make our struggle equal and my Expertise too will be fully utilized. What do you say?
asked the man..

“In such a situation over a period of time, what all you worked through will come out the best and mine will not. In the end, it appears that you struggled a lot and I did much less and we being equal here, I don't want that Remark."
replied the next one..

"Ok.. The final Offer.. We'll demarcate our portions and each one of us work in our own areas keeping them in trim condition. Common problems, we'll address on sharing basis on alternate days.. Am sure, there's no problem here!"
said the man..

"I sure accept the suggestion provided we erect a temporary demarcating wall to a level where in we'll have a certain privacy in our own areas where each one does in his own way out of his freedom and thus lives thru' with full dignity.. Beyond this min segregation, in the rest of the issues we are one and thus truly live like good friends forever caring for each other!”
clarified the next one..

Right that Moment, the Concept of Independent Economic Living had taken birth to do it's own wonders to the world at large and today we have Countries, States, Local Bodies, Organizational Groups and Families upholding the same Concept at their own Levels!


  1. That was a very well put up article. The way story grew with arguments makes a fun read. A very creative way of putting the message. Nice read sir.. :-)
    (its PH)

    1. Thanks Prakash.. You equally said it right.. A nice Comment here on the Post!