Monday, May 2, 2016


It was the 'Toughest Moment' of life!'
The blame, abuse, rebuke what not
hit the Heart hard and in the process
the Personality was almost brought down to zero with a squeeze in the heart! 

But strangely the man affected firmed up,
“I’ll not yield by reacting but only act as required!” 

Thus passed a certain time with nothing but confusion, aimlessness and the sadness
alone ruling all along! 

Strangely the same time again did a wonder with tension setting to withdraw slowly. But it never accepted the defeat and exited only to return at the next appropriate hr with a double intensity! 

The man too never accepted a victory there. With all humility, he repeatedly made it clear to his mind that he would not give back even if a volcano would erupt nor would celebrate if stood through. Meaning.. 
He would just do the Right and equally would never interfere with the others' decisions! 

The dark clouds, the roaring thunders, the pouring rain and the gusty winds soon became a thing of the past with the sun back to clear skies and calmness prevailing around.. In the process, the trees which reacted and opposed in a hurry had a severe hit where as the grass that never reacted but acted remained intact. 

And the man's calmness too returned in a certain time intact after all that storm within! 

Once seen the drama of his mind so clearly, the man once for all firmed up to manage coming up situations with a smile alone as the Peace that had set in the process itself paving way for more humility and less aggressiveness in him! 

And ultimately thru' such a Sacred Discipline alone, a Truly 'Good Job' was done in the Eyes of God!

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