Wednesday, June 8, 2016


“I'm the Manager in my Department and I have the responsibility of taking care of my work progress in my area and the Company's property. The Owner of the Company had very much bestowed this responsibility on me. But when I act thus, I'm often vehemently opposed by own men. But this task is with me and unless I tell strongly and make them feel responsible, am I not working against the wishes of my Owner?" 

“Dear! I very much emphasize that forever you should act in time and set right the issues in front of you. Else your duty is incomplete and you will be actually dishonoring the faith your Employer had kept in you. Okay?"

"Right Sir!"

"But a small point here..When you do thus, without your own knowledge an element of Ownership enters you that you own the Enterprise and the related and that's why you should tell all that at any cost. Am I correct?”

“I agree with you Sir! I get a feeling that it's my Company and I should take care. But what's wrong in that?”

“To tell you 100% right you are not the Owner here but just have a Manager's Role in your work area; neither a bit more nor less of it at this point of time! And sure, as a Manager alone you should Question, Act and pass Orders and never with a Ownership feeling.. 

And with such an attitude when you instruct your people, it sure goes into your their heart and they feel that seriousness deep within and in that scenario, they see in front of them that your are not instructing but there's just an 'Instruction' and they got to follow that! This Spirit in Nature prevailing around us, automatically guides them there and soon they start loving their work.. 

  • When the Great Man instructed His followers not to give back but bear the assault aimed at them Himself taking the assault right in front of them, the followers too patiently took the beatings without resisting nor getting off from the scene! 
No doubt, that was truly possible for the Great Personality in action as a True Leader when He disowned Himself in total, but myself being very much limited would never do at that level but at my own very much possible for me and should do my bit of disowning too and thus present myself before my Assistants who sure in no time react to that tiny sacrifice I do in the situation and mold themselves to follow the right.. What else do you want if that happens in black and white right in front of you?

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