Thursday, June 30, 2016


It's said,

'Let the home affair be ever a secret; the disease within never!'


  • A home/family secret would settle by itself sooner or later and if such a strife is revealed, a few can take advantage there and trouble me eternally..

  • In respect of disease even if I keep it as a secret, soon it blows up and comes out by itself ridiculing me at the futile attempt made..
  • In a similar sense, in my life I've my own personality the max of which is only known to me. This is like my home secret and I should never reveal this to any one.. Meaning, I should never talk easily as well as less of me openly however nobler the other man's life in front appears to be.. 

To help him out concentrate and meditate, the Master enquired the villager the most interesting thing in his life. He confided that he loved his dear goat kid very much. The Master advised him to keep an image of goat kid in his mind and meditate and nothing more was required from his end..

conveying the basic message that every man is unique at his/her own level and there's nothing to feel less about that!

  • But at the same time when I talk greatly of myself, it's a fact that my mind is diseased with the feelings of pride and prejudice. I may try various means to cover up this ugliness but whatever, soon I'll be out as the other man sees this in no time. So let me be ready to tell the world openly that I'm not great as I do mistakes and equally be ready to take as much punishment as possible for the earlier mistakes I have done and thus truly evolve in my life!
When the highway robber surrendered to the Lord, the Lord advised to him to visit the same village where he made attacks earlier, take wholeheartedly what the villagers would award him as a punishment and come back.. Then alone he could be inducted into the category of close disciples!

conveying the basic message that it alone is the right treatment for the man's so called mental disease of dominating his fellow beings!

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